IP Recorders

Installing HDD in a NVR

How to install hard drives in DVRs and NVRs

The majority of recorders have a hard drive already installed. But sometimes, one isn’t enough. This article will break down how to install a hard drive in a recorder (DVR/NVR). It is also possible that you will need to replace the existing recorder, or you can add an additional one to expand the capability to […]

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What is a NVR

What is NVR (Network Video Recording)

In this article, I answer the question “What is NVR” and what it is used for.If you have IP security cameras, certainly it’s a good idea to have an NVR.NVR stands for Network Video Recorder which is a device used to record videos from IP security cameras. It uses a hard drive to store the […]

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Hikvision NVR

How to configure Hikvision IP camera with NVR (DS-7616NI-I2-16P-4k-POE)

When you purchase IP security cameras, you can record the footage into an NVR (Network Video Recorder). Let’s talk about how that works.There are a huge number of different IP cameras and NVR in the market, but the principle of IP camera and NVR configuration is similar to most of them.In this article, I explain […]

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Network IP camera rear

What are the IP camera advantages? (over analog systems)

An IP camera can have many advantages when compared to a traditional analog camera, in this article you will understand the advantages of IP camera for video surveillance projects.The first thing we must understand is that the principles of light and imaging are universal and do not change when you use an IP camera or […]

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