Axis IP camera on fire TV stick

How to Add Axis IP Camera to Fire TV Stick

In this article, I explain how to add an Axis IP camera to Amazon Fire TV Stick.I have an Axis P1365 MK II, and I can now watch it on my TV, as shown below.Axis P1365 MK II Added to Amazon Fire TV StickThere are different Apps available to watch IP cameras on the Fire […]

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Axis camera with overlay text

How to add overlay text to Axis cameras

Want to have text overlay in your Axis Camera ?The camera can display different type of information as shown below. As you can see, the camera in the picture displays the following information:Camera NameIP addressStream ProfileBitrateFrame rateTemperatureDate and timeImageYou can use text and variables to display such information.It’s possible to display a image (such as a […]

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Axis camera network statistics via SNMP

How to monitor IP cameras via SNMP

In this article, I explain how to monitor an IP camera via SNMP.By enabling and using this protocol in the device, it’s possible to get all sorts of information such as Uptime, Network Traffic, Storage Status, Temperature, etc.Axis IP camera monitored via SNMPThe SNMP protocol is very popular among IT professionals.I used to have it implemented in dozens of […]

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Shared folder with recorded videos

How to Record Axis Camera to a Windows File Share

Do you want to record your Axis camera to a Windows file share?This is not a typical situation; however, I can show you the steps to get it done.I’ve tested the setup myself with an Axis camera P1365 MK II I have in my lab, so rest assured you have all the information you need from the […]

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Analog security camera on TV

How to View Axis Cameras on Roku TV

Want to learn how to view your Axis cameras on a Roku TV?Yeah, it’s possible to do that. I did it myself, and I can show you the step-by-step.The picture below shows an Axis P1365 MK II on a TCL Roku TV. Axis P1365 MK II camera on a TCL Roku TVAs you can see, I got […]

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FTP Sever with videos from Axis IP camera

How to record security camera to FTP server (example with Axis IP camera)

In this article, I explain how to record your security camera to an FTP server.It’s possible to have a Free FTP server at home and avoid spending money with paid services. If that’s what you want, please just keep reading.Pictures and files recorded to the FTP server (Filezilla)Yes, I have a setup at my home, so this […]

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How enable ONVIF on Axis cameras

Enable ONVIF protocol on AXIS Cameras

In this article, we will go over how to enable Onvif on Axis Cameras.ONVIF is an open standard protocol that was created for the purposes of video surveillance, remote monitoring, and access control systems.This can make it much easier for integrators to connect multiple devices from different manufacturers together in one system.How to enable ONVIF […]

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