Can a wired CCTV camera get hacked?

No one wants an intruder in their home. But you might have one and not know about it. Let's go over a hacked wired CCTV camera.

Hacked wired CCTV camera

Wired cameras

Before we jump into hacked wired CCTV cameras, let's first talk about what wired cameras are.

Cables run from the camera to a DVR to store footage and record. Therefore, these cameras cannot be jammed as they do not transmit the footage.

Wired cameras are also powered by Ethernet cables, and usually do not have internal batteries. However, even though they cannot be jammed, they can be hacked.

Hacked wired CCTV camera

How are wired cameras hacked

Wired cameras are connected to a DVR or NVR for footage and the internet. However, some firewalls do not protect your camera from getting hacked.

Even with passwords, there are still ways that hackers can gain access to your camera without your knowledge. So how can you tell if your camera was hacked?

Is my wired CCTV camera hacked?

Hacked wired CCTV camera by hacker

There are multiple ways to realize that your camera has been hacked. However, to identify a hacked wired CCTV camera, you should stay alert to a couple of things that can happen.

Let's go over the signs that your camera has been hacked and what you can do to prevent it.


If voices or strange noises can be heard from your camera or baby monitor, it is hacked. This is one of the biggest signs and is easily recognizable.

Therefore, someone has gained access to your cameras and is watching you. They also might be able to hear and speak to you as well.

As terrifying as that might sound, there is more. Many stories and reports have come out and said that these hackers were interacting with kids when the parents were not around!

This can be a serious issue for you and whoever you live with as your safety and privacy has been compromised. 

Camera movement

If your camera is a PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom camera) or can move to achieve different angles, then you might want to stay on the lookout for this one.

Abnormal movements at different times can indicate that someone has not only gained access to your camera. 

But that they can also control it around and are most likely watching you.

Though this can be very concerning, you might want to test it out thoroughly to make sure it is not just a hunch. 

A quick way to test out your theory is to place an object directly onto the camera's view. If later the object is not centered, you might have a hacked wired CCTV camera.


Settings in app

If you did not make any changes to your settings and they changed, that can be a very big sign. This is an example of a security breach.

Therefore, you should change your password, especially if it was set to default. Keep in mind that settings can give away some information about you.

For instance, you might name your camera with your name, which gives it away. They might also get your zip code, or even some credit card information.

So, it is urgent for you to change your password if you are doubting your safety. Additionally, do not use a common password, or one that you utilize for every account as they might have access to it.


If you can see blinking lights, there is a chance that you have a hacked wired CCTV camera. This could occur at any time of the day.

To further confirm your hunch, try placing the camera in a darker area, where it is easy to catch a blinking light. As well as having the LED lights on.

If you did not enable it, you might be hacked. When dealing with a hacked wired CCTV camera, hackers gain access to all the controls of the camera.

Meaning they can turn the lights on and off, as well as controlling other features such as moving it or the settings.

Data flow

The best way to beat someone is to do it in their own game. No, I'm not going to teach you how to hack the hacker back! 😂

However, you can check the data flow of your security camera, to detect if it has been hacked. This can also work by tracking the data flow of your network.

When checking this, take a further look into spikes in your network traffic. This is a dead give away that something unusual is happening!

You might also want to report this to your camera's brand or provider. They might take it from there, or ask you to do certain things.

Prevent a hacked wired CCTV camera

It is crucial to protect your camera from being hacked. Especially since the person behind the screen can gain access to your life.

Apart from that, your privacy and safety can be compromised. Along with passwords, addresses, and even your credit card information! 😨

However, by preventing the hacking, you can stop the problem before it even begins. And there are various simple and quick ways to do it.

Don't be basic

Good passwords keep from a hacked wired CCTV camera

The number one rule to steer away from a hacked wired CCTV camera is to stay away from default passwords and settings.

Having a strong password can be the difference between deterring hackers and inviting one. Especially since default username and passwords are way easier to hack.

Therefore, one password can seriously affect your daily life and even put you and your family in danger. So keep yourself from falling for this simple trick.

Having a password with different letters, both upper and lower case, numbers and symbols are the best. However, that is not all.

For instance, a hacker does not only watch you for pure and utter entertainment. They are looking for something from it.

This could be your address, your bank account, or a lot more. Having a simple password can not only allow the hacker into your camera but other accounts.

Utilize a password that is not only difficult to guess but has multiple different ones. Meaning, do not put in the same password for your bank as your camera.

Smart moves like so mean that the hacker can get into your camera and maybe an account on something far less important and crucial.

Additionally, you can also change the password every 6 months to a year to ensure fewer chances of being hacked.

Lastly, this should go without saying, DO NOT SHARE. Keep away from telling people your passwords at all costs.

This also includes your pin at a bank or anything of the sort. It can cause you serious issues later. This does not mean you cannot trust your family or partners.

However, keep in mind that you do not know who is around you or who they are. And sometimes they can be trying to do more harm than good. 🙁

Think ahead

Before purchasing, think about your safety. But that goes beyond looking at hacking reports or the companies' reliability. 

Having a camera from a trusted source can further ensure that you will not have a security breach. Meaning, if any product looks sketchy, steer away from it.

Finding reviews on the brands and cameras can not only help you choose what type of camera you want but can ensure you that the brand is as good as it seems.

Keep in mind that videos of the company can be biased towards their own product as well as paid promoters!.

But a good way to ensure that your camera will keep you safe is to purchase cameras with advanced encryption.

Encryptions such as the SSL, TLS, and WPA2-AES can further keep hackers away. This ensures that you will not get a hacked wired CCTV camera.

One too many


Allowing easy access to your home network is also a way in which you can end up with a hacked wired CCTV camera. But there are ways to avoid it.

By making the passwords stronger and having an unusual name, it can keep people, and hackers, far away.

For example, naming your network something silly that deters people can keep them away. "FBI-Van, Pennywise network, or computer virus" are silly, but get the job done! 😂

Do not have an open network, and do not lend your WiFi to just anyone. You might trust your family, but could your neighbors be watching you?

Private recordings

Building a subnet for your footage can sure help. With an NVR connected to the cameras, the footage will be sent into a private subnet.

This means that your footage is safe from being accessed and the savings of the footage do not rely on your network. Therefore, they go straight into your NVR.

Upgrading the protection

Making improvements is never a bad thing! Having the newest features to keep hackers out can sure be beneficial.

Though it might cost you some money to upgrade, you do not have to do it so frequently. You might want to do it every now and then.

Having the latest firmware, firewalls, and antivirus in your home can keep people out. However, do not invest in the cheapest camera and the most expensive protection.

Distribute the money evenly to keep you from ending up with a hacked wired CCTV camera and a police report.

The bottom line

It is great to secure your home with reliable technology. However, it might turn into a nightmare to know every move is being watched.

So it is of the most utter importance that you take the precautions against hackers and keep safe. Because your information could fall into the hands of bad people.

Make sure to share your thoughts below, and let us know, what brand you most rely on!