Blink Outdoor Camera Flashing Red [ Solved ]

Blink is a camera company on the rise, providing solutions to homeowners that want to protect themselves. However, what should you do if the Blink Outdoor camera is flashing red?

Blink developed a way, like many other cameras, for the device to communicate with the user. As simple as it may be, different colors mean different things.

A common one to see is a flashing red light. When Blink Outdoor camera is flashing red, it can show that the camera is not able to connect to WiFi or there is a battery issue that must be addressed.

This issue can be fixed quickly, so your camera can get back up and running in no time! Take a look at some solutions below.

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Blink cameras

Blink Outdoor camera is flashing red– Solutions.

Whether it is low batteries that need replacing or the camera’s inability to connect to the internet, it is crucial to solve the issue and keep your camera running at all times.

Low battery

The flashing red light can mean the battery is low. Blink claims that the red light will flash 5-6 times after the blue light (which indicates it was recording) turns off.

Thus, to keep this issue from occurring, keep track of when you replace the battery, and note the last time you changed them out.

Always use battery brands that are reliable and don’t cheap out. Moreover, try to stray away from rechargeable batteries and only use the Lithium non-rechargeable AA batteries for your Blink camera. 

You must use that specific battery because utilizing any others can compromise your Blink camera. So use the correct ones at all times!

Blink camera is not connected to WiFi.

Another reason why your Blink Outdoor camera is flashing red is the lack of connection to a stable network. Without internet, the Blink camera won’t be able to function and stream videos because it is a wireless camera.

The solid 5-6 red flashes after the blue light goes out signify a low battery. However, when it is an issue with the internet, the red flashes will be quick and continuous.

Furthermore, during the setup process, when connecting the camera to WiFi, the indicating light will flash red 3-4 times and then follow with soft red blinking until it is connected to the internet.

In addition, the issue might not be the camera but the internet itself. Check other devices to see if the WiFi is working, including your phone, TV, etc.

Another important factor is distance. The farther the camera is from the router, the slower the connection will be. If the camera is too far to establish a connection, you can either move the router or the camera closer to one another.

Reconnecting Blink Outdoor Camera to the Internet

If you have deduced that it is an issue with the WiFi, you will need to reconnect your Blink to it as soon as possible. Once you fix the connectivity issue, the flashing red light should disappear.

To connect your Blink camera to the internet, follow the steps below:

  1. Connect the camera to the WiFi network “BLINK-” and use the device’s serial number to establish the connection. Tap Join to connect.
  2. Once you are connected to the Sync Module WiFi, you will have to connect to your local network, so pick your WiFi from the list of available networks.
  3. After you locate and select yours, type in your password, and click on the “Done” button after you have successfully connected.

If you cannot locate your home’s WiFi, then use your device’s user manual to see instructions particular to your Blink camera model.

Contact Blink Customer Support

It never hurts to reach out and ask for help if you can’t figure it out. Blink has a great team that can help you figure out what is happening to your camera and even try to fix it remotely.

Final Thoughts

Now you are aware of what to do if your Blink Outdoor camera is flashing red. Blink’s indicator lights can really help users understand what is happening to their camera. 

Whether it is recording, malfunctioning, or just cannot connect to the internet, your camera tells it all. And if you are ever stuck, reach out to Blink’s technical team.