Blink Camera Error Command Failed To Complete [ Solved ]

Ding dong. Who’s there? Blink error “command failed to complete.” No one wants that in their home. Let’s take a look at how to fix this error.

The Blink error “command failed to complete” is commonly seen in a handful of scenarios and appears on Blink’s doorbell cameras. Users claim it can arise while attempting to add more cameras to the system.

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Others say that it happens right at the beginning of the setup process and does not allow one to finish it. This occurs as the camera flashes red during the discovery step.

There have also been cases where users modify settings and cannot be saved and applied due to the Blink error “command failed to complete” message that emerges on the screen.

As you can see, there is no one apparent reason for this error, but it indicates that the device is having issues with saving settings and modifications such as adding a new device.

Solving Blink error “command failed to complete.”

There are various methods to bypass the error. Below you will find instructions on how to fix this ongoing issue.

Reboot the router.

A common trigger of the Blink error “command failed to complete” message is a lack of stable internet connection. 

Your device and phone must first be on the same network. Do not use cellular data; instead, connect to the network your Blink doorbell uses.

If it still shows up, then you can attempt to reboot your router to give it a jumpstart. Any interruption from your router can cause your commands not to go through.

When ready, disconnect the power supply from your router and connect it a minute later. This should help your network’s connectivity, and after a couple of minutes, the internet should be back on and connected to your Blink device.

Battery check

If the above did not stop the Blink error “command failed to complete” message from appearing, then you should take a look at the batteries in your device.

Check to see if they have been installed correctly. You can even remove them and place them back inside. As the camera powers on, a red indicator light should flash for a couple of seconds to display that it is turning on.

Keep in mind that if you just put in a brand new battery, it might have come damaged, expired, or might be the wrong kind. There is also the chance that it is a knock-off or that the company you bought from is unreliable.

Therefore, it is vital to buy from safe brands and even have a few extra batteries on hand in case of issues like these. In this case, replace or recharge the battery (if rechargeable), and put it back in its place.

You can also try removing the batteries and giving the camera a few minutes to try connecting to the Sync Module. If the Blink error “command failed to complete” appears again, then you can try restarting the module itself.

The Sync Module

There are a couple of things you can try to do through the Sync Module to fix the Blink error “command failed to complete” message. First, try the most straightforward thing: unplugging the Sync Module and plugging it back after a minute.

If that doesn’t do the trick, then performing a hard reset can. To do so, press down on the reset button with the help of a paperclip for around 10 seconds or so, then release it and await the camera.

Note that you shouldn’t use any point objects like thumbtacks or safety pins as these can damage the device. Once you are done resetting, you can remove the batteries from the module and put them back after 20 seconds.

Final Thoughts

There are a few other things you might be able to try doing to solve the Blink error “command failed to complete.” These include resetting the device itself by pressing and holding its reset button for a few seconds.

It is also crucial to ensure that both the app and your phone are updated to their last released version. Furthermore, ensure that the router you utilize is set on the 2.4GHz option.

Yet, if none of these work for you, try reaching out to Blink’s customer service for help and technical support. If they cannot fix the issue, there might be a deeper issue, one for which they can send you a replacement device.