Blink Camera is Busy [ Quick Fix ]

A camera monitoring outside your home when you can’t is a worthy investment. But what do you do if your Blink Outdoor camera is busy?

Users have reported that they have received notifications saying, “Blink Outdoor camera is busy.” So what exactly does this mean? 

Well, much like Error 1101, it shows your device is having some issues. If you need to fix Blink Error 1101, check out our other article. In this case, y

our Blink device is simply alerting you that the camera is trying to actively connect to the internet using the Sync Module. And therefore, it is too “busy” to display video footage or run any other feature.

Though this message can be quite confusing, the solutions are simple and can get your device up and running in no time. Fixing this as fast as possible is of the uttermost importance as you want your security system running at all times.

Below you will find step-by-step instructions on how to fix the “Blink Outdoor camera is busy” message and troubleshoot it yourself.

“Blink Outdoor camera is busy” Solutions

As previously mentioned, this message is displayed when your camera is attempting to connect or struggling to stay connected to the WiFi. Blink claims that you must have a minimum of a 2.4GHz band connection to maintain a solid connection with the camera.

Note that we are talking about a connection to the WiFi and not cellular data. If you are using your phone’s hotspot or data through a provider, it will not work, and the camera won’t establish a connection.

Thus, one of the first things to do when you receive the message is to troubleshoot your home’s network connection in several different ways.

Blink Camera

Reboot the router

The first step to fixing the issue is to check if you have the internet at all. To do so, check that the wires of your router are all plugged in correctly. If any wires are loose, plug them back in.

If nothing is out of place, you can perform a reboot by unplugging the power cord and waiting a minute before plugging it in again. Wait until the router is online once again and check for the “Blink Outdoor camera is busy” message.

Test the connection

If your WiFi is up and running, the connection may be an issue. You may check this using third-party websites or apps to test it. Before testing, ensure your phone’s data is off, you are near the router, and your phone and Blink camera are connected to the same network.

Free websites and apps can test your network’s upload and download speeds and identify your connection’s strength. If you have too few Mpbs in your home and too many devices, the connection in your home will be low.

Distance between router and camera

Recall that your internet connection can only reach a certain range. Walls, objects, and distance might affect how strong the connection is. Thus, it might be as simple as moving the module and camera closer together.

According to Blink, the camera should be within 100 feet of the module to work properly. If they are farther than 100 feet from one another, the connection might not be established or can drop continuously.

In situations like this, it will be easier to move the module closer to the camera; this way, you won’t have to sacrifice angles or move the camera at all. After moving it, check if the camera is back online. If so, then your device is within the needed range of 100 feet.

Furthermore, you might want to invest in WiFi extenders that can amplify the range of your home’s network and allow it to reach the furthest points of your home.

Rebooting the camera

Much like rebooting your router can give it a jumpstart, you can do the same with your camera. This process is quick but can be extremely efficient.

To do it, power off your camera and remove the batteries from the Sync Module. If a power adapter powers the module, also disconnect it and wait a minute before plugging it in again. 

Then check for the message on the Blink app; the camera should now be online.

Resetting the Sync Module

Another way to get rid of the “Blink Outdoor camera is busy” message is to reset one or both devices. This does mean that the settings will be reverted to their factory default.

Be aware that by resetting the Sync Module, you will have to start the setup process from scratch as if your device was brand new. To reset it:

  1. Find and hold down the button on the side of the Sync Module
  2. Once you see a red light, let go of the button
  3. Reinstall the module into the app, and connect the app to your network.
  4. Link your camera and check for the message.

Reach out to customer support

If none of the above worked for you, then you can go straight into the source and ask for help. Whether they can fix it remotely, or your warranty of one year covers you, they can help.

However, keep in mind that your warranty is voided if your device is damaged due to user error. Plus, the warranty is only available if you bought your camera directly from Blink or any of their authorized sellers.

Final Thoughts

If you are faced with a “Blink Outdoor camera is busy” message, it is just your camera struggling to connect to your home’s network. Whether it is a connection or distance issue, it should be fixed with a reboot or reset.

Lastly, if nothing seems to work, never hesitate to reach out to Blink for help. They are always happy to aid their loyal customers and get their devices up and running.