Best CCTV Software for Modern Security Cameras (Updated 2019)

If you are looking for the Best CCTV software, don't look any further.

In this article, I will list the software you can use to record footage from IP cameras, DVRs, NVRs, Encoders, Webcams, and camcorders.

Here is the list of the Best CCTV Software: (Updated on 2019)

1. Luxriot EVO

If you are looking for a professional VMS, Luxriot EVO is a good choice.

The software is designed to work with more than 4000 different brands and has some interesting features that are not easily found on other VMS.

It's possible to save bandwidth and storage by automatically changing the profile that is being used to pull video from the camera, so you can use a low-bandwidth profile for small camera exhibition (when using a layout) and a high-bandwidth profile to show the camera in  full screen mode.

You can also stream video directly to YouTube Live with a feature called podcast, and that won't cost you any money... Yeah, that's right it's for Free.

==> To learn more, about the Luxriot features read the article: How to save IP cameras bandwidth on the Luxriot Evo VMS and I also recommend you to read the article: Free software to stream IP camera to YouTube Live.

The  Luxriot EVO has a FREE version that works with up to 9 IP cameras.

2. Blue Iris

The Blue Iris software can record up to 64 cameras directly into your computer. This CCTV software is very powerful because it's compatible with webcams, IP cameras, capture cards, and camcorders).

Everything is cut with standard MP4, AVI or Windows Media Player formats that allow you to play the footage on a traditional computer.

Blue Iris Software

The Blue Iris software is sold in two versions:

LE version: costs $29.95 and supports one single camera.

The Full version costs $ 59.95 and supports up to 64 cameras.

There's a 15-days FREE trial period.

The software is available for download at the link below:

3. iSpy

The iSpy CCTV software is a very interesting solution for people who want to record security camera footage and have extra features.

iSpy Software

This is an Open Source software which is compatible with CCTV cameras from different manufacturers and has functionalities such as motion detection, recording schedule, and broadcasting.

You can download plugins for text overlay, barcode scanning and even for license plate and face recognition. The ISpy software also allows you to upload the footage to YouTube and to the cloud (Google Drive).

The iSpy software is FREE for local use for as many cameras as you want.

To use the extra features, such as remote view, cloud recording, SMS, Twitter, and email alerts is necessary to pay a monthly subscription plan that ranges from $7.95 (Basic) to $49.95 (Ultimate).

To learn more about the iSpy software read the article:
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The plugins also have extra costs, but you can try them for Free for 7 days.

The software is available for download at the link below:

4. WebcamXP

WebcamXP is a very popular software for security cameras recording and monitoring. It is compatible with different CCTV cameras manufacturers and allows you to monitor your home or office remotely.

Webcam XP

You can use a remote computer or your mobile phone to easily connect to the software with no cost at all. It's 100% FREE.

The software is available for download at the link below:

5. Shinobi

The Shinobi CCTV software is an Open Platform solution that works with Windows, MAC OS, and Linux. It was written in the Javascript language.

Shinobi CCTV Software

The software works with a multicast stream (one source providing video for multiple clients simultaneously ), can record in the standard MP4 format that is compatible with modern mobile devices.

There's a FREE version of the software for personal use and a licensed (Pro) version for $75/month if you want to commercialize it (retail).

The software is available for download at the link below:

6. Cam Wizard

Cam Wizard is a CCTV software for IP camera and USB camera recording.


It runs on Windows PC and can capture and compress video in the WMV (Windows Media Video) format that is compatible with most computers.

The software can start recording the footage based on triggers such as motion detection in the scene. 

There's a FREE 99-days trial version available on the website and there's also a link for a paid version which costs only $9.95.

The software is available for download at the link below:

7. Ivideon Server

The Ivideon software allows you to connect CCTV camera from different manufacturers and send the video stream to a cloud recording service.

Ivideon Software

It's possible to use IP cameras, DVRs, NVRs and also the computer webcam as a source of the video stream. 

The cloud recording service is charged monthly, you can pick a plan that starts at $4/month per camera.

The software is available for download at the link below:

8. Contaware ContaCam

The Contaware Contacam software allows you to use your webcam as a CCTV camera and record the footage on the local hard drive. It's a very simple system and the setup only takes a few minutes.

Contacam movement detection

To learn more about the Contaware Contacam read the article:
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The software is available for download at the link below:

9. ZoneMinder

ZoneMinder is a FREE Open Source software to capture and record video from CCTV cameras. It is based on Linux and does NOT run on Windows.

Zone Minder

There's no plan to support the Windows platform, but for Linux users, this is a very good option out there.

The software is available for download at the link below:

​Final thoughts

There are a lot of different CCTV software available in the market, I just listed the most popular ones which are Free or are inexpensive.

Professional high-level software can cost much more than the options available in this article. Later I will update the information with more options.

Please leave your comments to let me know which software you want me to talk about and share the article with your friends...

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