Axis: How to activate a PTZ preset from another camera

In this article, I explain how to use an Axis camera to call a preset  on a PTZ.

This is very useful for the cases where you have some fix cameras that detect motion and send a notification to PTZ camera to point to a specific location.

You can use HTTP notification, and Axis VAPIX commands for that.

Here you can find a details explanation and a video by the end of the article.

How the notification works on Axis cameras

OK, here's a quick explanation of how the HTTP notification works.

Axis devices have an event system that works with triggers, conditions, and recipients. It's possible to create events and use interactions between them.

 It's possible to create events and use interactions between them.

The following diagram illustrates how the process works.

HTTP notification between clients

So, the idea is to create some presets in the PTZ camera and set up the notification in the fix camera, it's that simple 😉

Now, let's go to the real setup...

How to set up the events and notifications

For the real example, I'm using an Axis PTZ and a fix box camera.

It's necessary to create the presets on the PTZ and recipient and rule on the box.

Let's do it...

PTZ camera

  • Go to settings >> PTZ >> Preset positions;
  • Move the camera to the position and create the presets.

In this example, I created a Preset named "Preset_A".

PTZ Preset

The fix camera can send an HTTP notification with a VAPIX command to activate this preset. So let's take a look at how it set up the fix camera.

Fix camera

OK, now it's necessary to create a RECIPIENT which is the camera that will receive the notification, meaning the PTZ and then create the RULE to sent it.

Here's how to create the recipient.

  • Go to Settings >> System >> Events >> Recipients;
  • Create a new recipient and insert the following information:
    • Recipient Name (ex. PTZ camera)
    • URL: http://<camera-IP>/axis-cgi/com/ptz.cgi?gotoserververpreset=<Preset>
    • Username: root
    • Password: <password>
  • Click the test button
PTZ recipient setup

Here's how to configure the Rule:

  • Go to Settings >> System >> Events >> Rules;
  • Create a new rule and insert the following information:
    • Name (ex. Move PTZ camera)
    • Condition: VMD (use the profile you want)
    • Action: Send notification through HTTP
    • Recipient: PTZ camera
  • Click the Save button.
Event Move PTZ to a specific preset

And it's done.

Now, it's time to test the setup.

Jump in front of the camera, do some happy dance or something else 🙂

You can create more recipients or more rules for the other cameras.

Video: How to set up Axis HTTP notification

Hit the play button to watch the video.