Axis – Autofocus internal error message (solved)

I bet you are here because you saw the following message on your Axis camera:

"The server encountered an internal error and could not complete the request".

Internal error message

This error message could be related to different things in the camera but if you got this one while trying to adjust the focus, we are on the same page.

I got the exact same message when I hot the "Autofocus" button on my camera.

But don't worry, there's a quick fix for this problem.

How to fix the Axis Autofocus error message

Here's the steps to fix the problem:

  • Open the setup menu;
  • Click on System Options >> Maintenance;
  • Click the "Calibrate" button.
Camera calibration button

And it's done.

This is all you have to do to fix the problem and get ride of the error message.

Now you can come back to the "Focus & Zoom" window and focus the camera.

==> If you still have issues with the camera Autofocus process, please read the article: P3225 focus issues solved.

Video: Fix the Axis Autofocus error message

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