Arlo Video Doorbell Not Connecting to WiFi

WiFi connection is a must-have, whether it is for work, keeping teens entertained, or making your smart doorbell function correctly. In this article, we will be solving Arlo Video Doorbell WiFi connectivity issues.

Arlo doorbells are fantastic additions to your front door or porch. Letting you know when your package was delivered, when the kids got home or when someone has been snooping around.

But the last thing you want is to have your mother-in-law waiting forever at the front door because your Arlo doorbell is not working. Awkward!

When users run into issues, Arlo usually provides you with a four-digit error code to make it easier for you to know what the problem is. If you need help fixing error codes 4206, 4208, or 4404, check out the articles all about it!

Connectivity issues are relatively common with Arlo and various other smart doorbell cameras in the market nowadays. But the problem may lie with your WiFi and not the device. Below you will find reasons, explanations, and solutions to Arlo Video Doorbell WiFi connectivity issues.

Arlo Video Doorbell WiFi connectivity issues

Whether it is a setup process gone wrong, an unstable connection, or software issues, there is a fix for everything below. We recommend following the list step by step, as the easiest and quickest fixes will be first in the list.

The issues will be more complicated and intricate as you move down the list. So please do not start with those; instead, try the more common easy fixes we will list below.

Arlo Video Doorbell

Connectivity Fixes

Now we have established that there are various factors that could be seriously affecting your Arlo Video Doorbell. Follow the steps below to get started.

Solution #1: Power Cycle

Restart your router. Restarting your router, more commonly known as power cycling, can clear up any glitches in the system. 

To perform this correctly, power off the router and wait one minute before turning it on again. Much like a phone, it can seem simple but can make a big difference.

Solution #2: Updates, updates, updates.

We all have those days when we click “update tomorrow.” But tomorrow never comes. Sometimes bugs create issues in the software/firmware. 

It is imperative to keep all of the devices up-to-date. This includes the camera. Check the app and your settings for any needed updates to ensure that everything is up to par.

Solution #3: Distance is key

Ever had a person be so far away from you that you couldn’t hear what they were saying? Well, cameras are sometimes like that with their connection to your network. 

If there’s too much distance between the two, it creates a barrier in which they cannot communicate. Thus, it is essential to have minimal distance between your router and your camera.

Think about how far away your camera is from your router. Objects in the way can cause further interference. For instance, are there many walls or floors in between the two? If so, it could be the root of the issue.

If too far away from one another, the connection won’t be able to be stable, and you will most likely experience Arlo Video Doorbell WiFi connectivity issues. So bring your camera and your router closer to each other.

It would be best if you also had your VPN turned off to keep it from interfering with the connection in any way. Furthermore, if your router needs to stay where it is, then consider getting a WiFi extender.

A WiFi extender can amplify how far your connection reaches and, thus, will most likely connect to your Arlo device easier. This is perfect for situations in which you can’t move your router but still need to cover the distance issue.

Solution #4: Speed

How fast your WiFi connection also plays a massive role in the connectivity with your camera. Your Arlo doorbell requires a 2.4Ghz network to function properly. To check the speed, you can use your phone and run the download and upload speed tests through websites. 

Your WiFi speed primarily depends on your network provider and how many Mpbs you invest in. The more devices you have connected to your network, the higher the number should be.

Solution #5: Redo the setup process.

Furthermore, to fix Arlo Video Doorbell WiFi connectivity issues, you should try to reset it thoroughly and then follow the setup process once again.

You might just have to set up your Arlo doorbell all over again, exactly like you had the first time you received the product. Indicating lights will alert you of the camera’s status. 

For instance, a yellow-to-white blinking light refers to your doorbell’s inability to connect to the WiFi. If the light continues to blink white, it indicates that your device was not recognized and cannot be discovered.

Final Thoughts

If none of the above, not even resetting your Arlo doorbell, worked, then you should reach out to Arlo’s technical support team to receive further assistance and instructions.

Whether they fix, replace, or refund you, the issue will be gone, and you will get your doorbell working and situated again. You never know when something will happen, so it is essential to be prepared and keep your device working.

Remember that the Arlo doorbell adds safety to your home’s most significant access point. Protecting your front door is incredibly important and should not be taken lightly. Thus, fix the connection issues as fast as possible.