Arlo error code 4404 (solved)

The Arlo error code 4404 is usually related to a firmware issue; to solve the problem, update the cameras and the base station, as explained in this article.

Arlo camera error code 4404

As you may know, the Arlo cameras work with a base station that automatically manages the firmware update, so this device will help you fix the 4404 error.

How to fix the Arlo error code 4404 (details)

OK, here I have some procedures you may follow to have the error fixed.

You can start by forcing the cameras to power cycle, and if that doesn't work, you do the same with the base station, which should update the camera's firmware.

Here's the step-by-step to fix the error.

Power cycle the cameras

  • Remove the battery from the camera;
  • Wait for 30 seconds and insert it back;
  • Wait for the camera firmware update to start;
  • Check if the error is fixed.

The firmware update starts automatically (if there's a new version available). The cameras connect to the base station; during the update, you should see a LED that blinks and alternates between the colors blue and amber.

Wait for a while, and the LED should go off and stay that way for about two minutes during the firmware update; don't worry, this behavior is normal.

After finishing the update, the cameras sync to the base station, and the LED changes it's color to blinking blue.

Power cycle the Arlos base station

  • Unplug the base station from the power;
  •  Wait for about 2 minutes;
  • Plug it back to power;
  • Wait again for 2 minutes for a start-up;
  • Check if the LED is solid green.

After the power cycle is complete, the base station should connect to the Internet and sync with the cameras. According to Arlo's user manual, the new firmware update should take place automatically between 3 and 5 AM.

Most of the time, this is enough to fix the 4404 error.

Extra information

Ensure the power supply is not interrupted during the firmware update, and all the cameras and the base station have a stable connection to the Internet.

You must also update the Arlo smartphone app to the latest version and test the cameras for some time to observe if the error is gone.

If you need extra help, visit the Arlo website.

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Most of the time, the Arlo error code 4404 can ne fixed with a firmware update.

Arlo cameras are electronic devices that are susceptible to glitches on their firmware and that's normal. You just need to make sure the cameras are updated to the last version.

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