Are Home Security Cameras Effective?

Are Home Security Cameras Effective? They are known to help prevent crimes, however, to keep your peace of mind, let's talk about this topic.

Home security camera

In some cases, home security cameras are even helpful in solving crimes. But still, some people have questions lurking in their minds about the effectiveness of installing those devices in their property.

It has been proven that the mere presence of a functional security camera prevents crimes from happening. Homes and business establishments with such devices are less likely to be targeted by intruders and burglars as they are aware that their “activities” will be caught on video and recorded.

Protected homes are avoided by criminals

Homes and properties that are well protected are avoided by criminals and other people with ill intentions. By well-protected, we mean those properties with enough lighting, security cameras, signs, and other things that are installed with the intention of keeping the home and property safe and secure.

Regardless of what your location is, if you have a well-protected property, then you are more or less assured that the property is safe and protected.

The first thing that is checked when crimes happen is the security camera system.

Authorities investigating crimes usually ask if there is an existing security camera system in the crime scene. This is one way to help them with the investigation and thus might lead to the resolving of the crime.

Studies and Research on Home Security Cameras Effectiveness

This is how important security cameras are. As to the question “Are home security cameras effective?”, let us find out based on studies...

Studies and research were conducted to test the effectiveness of security cameras deterring crimes. Done by UNC,  these studies were based on interviews done with burglars. 

The majority of the burglars who were interviewed claimed that they will not intrude on a property with security cameras installed.

Others claim that just a mere sticker on windows and glass doors indicating that the property is protected by a CCTV camera is enough to make them think twice (or more than twice) before committing a crime on the property.

Criminal talking about home break in

This simply shows that security cameras are effective indeed.

Convicted burglars claimed that they would first determine if there are security cameras around before burglarizing a home or business establishments.

If security cameras are present, then they move on and hunt for ones without such devices or any form of protection to victimize.

Alarm systems help to prevent home break-ins

There are instances where properties might not have security cameras but have security alarms. According to the interviewees, once the alarms go off during an attempted burglary, they stop what they are doing and leave.

Either they do that or risk being caught by authorities responding to the alarm.

This simply shows that homes and properties with security cameras and security alarms are less likely to be targets of burglars.

Hence, studies showed that in an area where the majority of homes have security systems installed, lesser problems of burglary are reported (or in fact, none at all).

Supplementing With Security Cameras

Studies have shown that security cameras are effective in preventing burglary. 

Therefore it is recommended that you install at least one security camera in your homes and business establishments is you want your properties to be safe and secure, especially if you are away.

Security cameras are really effective in preventing crimes. Modern technology has provided us ways to make sure that properties, especially homes and business establishments are kept safe and secure while owners are away.

However, there are several things which must be considered to make sure that you get the right security camera which will suit your preferences and meet your needs.

With a lot of security cameras available in the market today, it is important that you get the right one. Factors you must consider are:

1. Motion Detection – there are cameras that are turned on when they sense motion. In other words, they only store videos that contain motion or movements. They do not record everything. Instead, they only focus on anything suspicious, which involves movements or motion.

2. Night Vision – a security camera's night vision capability is important because it enables you to see things even in the dark. A security camera with an excellent night vision capability is a big help in detecting suspicious movements and identifying unwanted “visitors” in your property. As most crimes happen at night and when the owners are away, night vision is an important feature of a security camera.

3. Angle or Placement – the area where you install your security camera is important. Make sure that they are flexible, meaning, they may be installed anywhere. The area where you install your camera must be of the right angle so it will be able to cover a wider area.

4. Quality – now this is most important. Make sure the security camera you acquire is of the highest quality possible. Yes, it might be a little expensive, but it will be worth it. Security cameras of high quality are dependable, reliable, and durable. Besides, they come with warranty and technical support. Therefore making for hassle-free maintenance of the equipment.

Why the Need for Security Cameras

If you are still not convinced about how important security cameras are, let's take a look at some extra information about crimes prevention.

As you can see in the picture below, there are home break-ins all around the USA, especially in the South.

Regional Home Break Ins


If you are aware of statistics and yo are updated with the currents news, you will find out that most crimes, particularly burglary, happen because of the absence of security camera systems.

Statistics show that security cameras and alarm systems prevent the occurrence of crimes. Criminals are apprehensive about committing crimes because they do not want to be caught on tape and be apprehended.

The preferred homes for burglars

The need for security cameras and alarm systems is obvious in the fact that today, modern households are often not at home.

Meaning, there is usually nobody left in the homes. The most common setup of a normal modern-day household is that both parents are working and kids are at school. Leaving the house empty most of the day.

This is a good opportunity for burglars to break into your homes and steal.

Therefore, if you have a good security camera system and security alarm, then criminals will think twice before breaking into your homes. Hence preventing crimes.

Security System and Alarm Monitoring

Now that the importance of a security system is clear to us, let us face other issues of the topic. Yes, security cameras are important. We cannot deny that.

They are indeed effective in preventing burglaries and other crimes from happening. Although not a hundred percent, a significant stats at that.

However, what stops most people from acquiring one is its cost. Naturally, high-quality security systems are expensive. However, there is a solution to that.

If you know what to look for and where to look, you might end up getting one of the best security systems without spending too much. But you need to keep in mind always to get ones from reputable brands.

Though they may cost a little bit more than unknown brands, you will be saving more in the long run.

room temperature and alarm control panel

Security systems will be rendered useless without alarm monitoring. Your security system must come with alarm monitoring. Why?

Alarm monitoring is responsible for sending you or the monitoring company you hire notifications, videos, and messages if the security cameras detect suspicious motion. His way you will be able to prevent crimes from happening and proper authorities can respond right away.

The only problem of alarm monitoring is, of course, is the cost.

Monthly fees and initial setup costs are quite expensive. However, if spending such amount will mean the security and safety of your property and family, then this will not be an issue at all.

Securing Your Home

This is a very important thing to do – securing our homes. However, most of us have this notion that once you lock up, then the house is secure.

masked burglar with flashlight

Yes, generally, it might be true. However, there are unscrupulous people who are like vultures waiting for their prey to happen along.

These are those criminals who are often just “passing by” our homes. But in truth, they are looking for homes to break into.

Most common victims are homes with no security cameras and alarm systems. These homes are easy prey for burglars.

Sad to say, only a few percentages of homes have security cameras and alarm systems installed. Usually, it is because of the cost.

But other reasons may be because people do not feel they have the need to get one. Either way, the bottom line is homes and other establishments with no security cameras and alarm systems are prone to burglary and theft. And who knows, other crimes, too.


It cannot be denied that along with modern technology come modern ways of committing crimes.

If we stay one or two steps ahead of criminals, then we can prevent crimes from happening. One way to do this is by securing our homes and properties.

And, to do this, we need to make sure that we install the best security cameras and alarm systems in our homes to avoid being victims of such crimes.

If you are not that knowledgeable about such equipment, there are experts with whom you can consult with and seek advice regarding such a subject. So, start securing your homes, now!

Here's an example of a security camera preventing a break-in.