Yi Home Camera waiting to connect issue (solved)

In this article, I talk about the problem with the Yi Home camera that gets stuck with the "waiting to connect" message. 

The problem shows up during the camera setup; you may hear the message "Pairing has timed out" after trying to pair the Yi Home App with the camera.

Let's see how to fix this issue.

What causes the pairing problem

Before starting the setup, you have to connect the Yi Home camera and the smartphone running the Yi Home App to the same Wi-Fi router.

The pairing process can fail if the Wi-Fi signal is not strong enough or try to use the wrong Wi-Fi band (5GHz instead of 2.4GHz).

A problem reading the QR code can also lead to pairing failure.

How to fix the pairing issue

Here are some steps to fix the problem.

  • Reboot your Wi-Fi router;
  • Connect your smartphone to the 2.4GHz band;
  • Move the camera closer to the router;
  • Start the camera setup process from scratch;
  • Make sure to enter the correct Wi-Fi password;
  • Check if the QR code is legible and point to the camera;
  • Finish the setup process.
  • The pictures below illustrate some important details.

    Check the Wi-Fi band and password in your router

    As you can see in the picture below, there's an SSID (signal name) for the 2.4GHz

    It's also possible to double-check the password.

    Wi-Fi Router band and password

    Distance from the router

    It's important to ensure the camera is not too far away from the Wi-Fi router to guarantee the signal is not weak. You can use your smartphone to test the distance.

    Hold your smartphone close to the camera and open the network settings to check of the Wi-Fi signal is strong enough, you can see that by the small icons.

    Wi-Fi Signal

    QR Code

    A smartphone with a cracked screen may prevent the camera from correctly reading the QR code.

    If that's your case, take a screenshot of the QR code and use another device such as a tablet or laptop for the camera setup.


    When the Yi Home camera gets stuck with the "waiting to connect" message, you need to take one step at a time to figure out what could be the problem.

    Follow the step-by-step process described in the article, and everything may work.

    For more information visit the Yi Home Page.

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