How to set up Yi camera on Google Home

The Yi camera is compatible with the Google Home Assistant, and you can use your voice to display the video on Google Devices with a display.

Yi camera connects to Google Home Assistant

Let's see how it works...

The requirements

To set up the Yi camera with Google Assistant, it's necessary to meet these requirements.

  1. Have a Yi camera
  2. Have a Google Account
  3. Use a device such as Google Home or Google Mini
  4. Use the Google Chromecast (to display on the TV)
  5. Use the Google Home Hub

The set up is straightforward, make sure your Yi camera is working with the mobile app and the associate both accounts (Google + Yi). As long these accounts are associated, the Google assistant can find the cameras.

Add the YI camera to the Google Home

Use your mobile phone to add the cameras following these instructions

  1. Open the Google Home app
  2. Click the (+) icon
  3. Click "Set up device"
  4. Click "Have something already set up?"
  5. Click "Yi camera"
  6. Login to the Yi account
  7. Choose the location for the cameras
  8. Click done

See the pictures for details.

Click the "+" sign

Google Home plus sign

Select "Se up device"

Google Home Add Device

Choose the option as shown below...

Google Home Setup Device

Click to add the service...

Yi camera Google Home

Log in to the account...

Yi camera account login

Choose the device to add.

Swann Google Home Added-cameras

And it's done. Your accounts are linked, and you can ask your Google Assistant to show the Yi cameras on the Google devices.

How to use the command voice

Now you know how to connect the Yi cameras to Google Assistant, and it's time to test it out.

Use the Google Home assistant on your mobile talk to Google Home and ask, "Hey Google, show front door on TV 2".

If you have a Chromecast connected to your TV just ask Google to stream the video from your Yi camera cam.

You can rename your camera on the Google Home app.

It's also possible to integrate the Yi camera with Alexa, read the article: "How to connect the Yi camera to Alexa."


You can use your Yi camera with the Google Home Assistant ask to display the video on Google Devices with display and the Chromecast.

If you want extra help visit the Yi website.

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