Yi Home Camera connection issues (solved)

Let's talk about the Yi Home camera connection issues.

Sometimes you may experiment some type of network connection error on your Yi Home camera. That is usually solved by checking the camera's configuration. 

Here are the most common network issues.

  • The camera IP address is wrong;
  • You tried to connect the camera to the wrong Wi-Fi band;
  • The Wi-Fi signal is not strong enough;
  • There's a firewall blocking the traffic to the Internet;
  • The Yi server is temporarily down;
  • You have the Chinese version of the Yi Home camera.

Let's take a quick look at how to check and solve these problems.

Check the camera IP network configuration

The Yi Home camera gets an IP address from your local Wi-Fi router.

You can open the router's network menu and check if the IP is correct for the Yi Home camera. The picture below shows an example of that...

Netgear Router Attached Devices Yi home camera

As you can see, the devices are in the same network range 192.168.0.x.

I could identify my Yi Home camera because of its MAC Address (38.01.64.x.x.x).

Make sure to use the correct Wi-Fi band

The Yi Home camera must be connected to a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi router.

Modern Wi-Fi routers have the 5GHz band that doesn't work with this camera.

You can check what's the band the camera is connected to by checking the router (see the previous picture) or checking the camera setting in the Yi App.

It's possible to check the Wi-Fi signal as well.

Yi Home Wi-Fi Signal

Check the router's firewall

Open your Wi-Fi router security tab and check if there are rules that could block the traffic from your Yi Home camera.

The picture below shows an example of the Netgear router security tab.

Netgear Router Blocked Services

As you can see, there's no rule blocking Internet traffic.

Temporary server problem

Sometimes the Yi Home servers go down for a while.

I've seen that happen before while testing my camera.

You can visit the Yi Home Support Website and ask for help or just wait for a while to see if it's just a temporary problem with the servers.

Chinese version

The Chinese version of the Yi camera (Xiaomi) doesn't work outside China.

If you have this version, please read the article Yi Home camera error 20009.

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