Yi error codes list

If you have a Yi camera is important to understand what the error codes mean before starting the troubleshooting process and that's why I have a Yi error codes list to help you out.

These small smart Yi cameras are very popular because they are small, inexpensive, and easy to set up but sometimes you can face some problem, and by using a code the camera lets you know what's happening.

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The information in this article applies to the models listed below:

Yi Action Camera, Yi Home Camera, Yi Dome Camera, Yi Outdoor Camera, Kami Outdoor Camera, Yi Dome X, Yi Dash Camera, Kami Smart Security.

The Yi cameras error codes

error code 3003

This error is related to a timeout but this one happens when the mobile app can't establish a connection to the camera for 30 seconds.

Most of the time this is caused by some "hiccups" in the network while the mobile is trying to communicate with the camera and it's not a big deal.

You can solve the problem by checking the Internet connection on the camera and also on the mobile phone. Reboot the camera to start fresh.

Sometimes the connection is established again by itself when the Internet is available again but you need to make sure there's nothing that is preventing the camera to reach the Internet such as a firewall in the router. 

error code 3006

The camera can't reach the server and stays offline until the Internet connection is available again.

To fix the problem, check the Internet connection in the camera and make sure it can communicate with the Wi-Fi router. You can also reboot the camera when the Internet link is back.

For more information visit: Yi error code 3006 solved.

error code 3013

The error code 3013 is associated with a timeout in the connection between the mobile phone app and the camera. If the communication stays idle for a long period and not data packets are exchanged the error shows up.

To solve this problem, make sure the Internet connection is good and restart the camera. It's also important to update the firmware to guarantee good communication between the devices.

error code 3029

This error is related to the maximum connection request the camera can handle at a time which means there are too many clients (apps) connected to the camera at the same time.

To solve the problem disconnect the apps from the camera and keep only the ones that you need. You can also restart the camera to clear the cache and start fresh so your app can connect to it.


These are some of the Yi error codes that can help you to diagnose and fix the problems with the camera. If new ones show up and you can't figure out what the problem is visit the Yi website and ask for help.

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