YI error code 3006 (solved)

You may experience the YI camera trying to load the live feed but it gets a frozen image instead. After a while you can see the message with the error code 3006.

The YI error code 3006 is related to a communication problem between the camera and the server located on the Internet. Let's see how to solve this problem.

What causes the error code 3006

The camera communicates with the YI server by sending constant heartbeats. 

A heartbeat is a technique used by some devices on the Internet to continually send data packets that inform its status as alive on the network.

YI camera error 3006 - heartbeat communication

YI camera heartbeat (click to enlarge)

After 5 minutes without receiveing a hearbeat, the server declares the camera as down and displays the error 3006 to the user that is trying to connect.

How to fix the error code 3006

You need to check your network to make sure your camera has access to the Internet to reestablish communication with the YI server.

Here are the steps to fix the problem.

  • Ensure your Wi-Fi router is connected to the Internet;
  • Make sure the USB cable is connected to the camera;
  • Check if the camera is connected to the Internet (LED is blue );
  • Connect your smartphone to the local router;
  • Open the YI Home app to connect to the camera.

The picture below shows the YI Home camera connected to the Internet.

Yi Home camera with blue LED

If the camera LED is not steady blue, consider reset it and set up from scratch.

The error is not related to the smartphone

When you use the YI Home app to watch live video from your camera, the communication occurs between the smartphone and the server to authenticate and connect to the camera video stream.

If you see the error 3006, that means the server can communicate with your smartphone, but it can't communicate with the camera, so the server just informs you that the camera is not reachable. 

This is how you know the smartphone is not the problem.

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The YI error code 3006 shows up only when the camera can't communicate with the server for more than 5 minutes. Check your network to solve the problem. 

You find more information on the YI website.

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