XMEye DVR setup (quick and easy)

The XMEye DVR setup is very simple and you can have your device working with the App in less than 5 minutes.

It's possible to use the app with different DVRs, tests were done for the following models manufactured by Annke and ILDVR:

Annke models:


ILDVR models:

MX7100/ILMX7104/ILMX7108/ILMX7116/ILMX7200/ILMX7204/ILMX7208/IL-MX7216/ILMX7300/ILMX7304N/ILMX7308N/ILMX7324N/ILMX7324N4S and ILMX7324N-8S.

Don't worry if your device is different, the XMEye DVR setup is done in the same way, so the information is also useful for you.

In this article, I explain how to install and setup the app.

Download and install the XMEye

Just visit the Google Playstore or Apple Store to download and install the XMEye.

Make sure you get the correct version and do the standard installation.

Register you email

Open the XMEye app and click the "Register" button and enter your email to receive a confirmation code that must be typed in the app.

The next step is to create a username and password.

How to add a DVR to XMEye

Here are the steps to add a DVR to the XMEye app.

  1. Open the app and click the "+" sign at the right top of the screen
  2. Click the QR code scan icon
  3. Point the mobile phone to the DVR's QR Code
  4. The DVR is added to the XMEye list

And it's done! Now you have your DVR working with XMEye.

The pictures below show the setup details.

Click the "Register" buton.

XMeye Register Button

Enter your email.

XMeye Emai registration

Enter the registration code received on the email.

XMeye registration code

Register a username and password.

XMeye Username and password

Login using the username and password.

XMeye Login

Click the [+] sign to add a device list.

XMeye Device List

Click the QR Code icon to open the camera.

XMeye Add Device

Scan the code on the DVR.

XMeye Scan QR Code

The device is added to the list.

XMeye DVR in the device list

After this process, you can see the device in the list.

You can repeat the XMEye DVR setup to add more devices.

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