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XMEye DVR setup (quick and easy)

The XMEye DVR setup is very simple and you can have your device working with the App in less than 5 minutes.It’s possible to use the app with different DVRs, tests were done for the following models manufactured by Annke and ILDVR:Annke models:DH81NK/DH41NK/DM21O/DM31O/DL81A/DH81S/DH81NG/DN81NB/DM41G/DN41CJ/DN81BJ/DN61EC/DG81W/DG61X/DG41T/DT81DQ/DT41DC/DT61ER/DG41BE/DG81BEILDVR models:MX7100/ILMX7104/ILMX7108/ILMX7116/ILMX7200/ILMX7204/ILMX7208/IL-MX7216/ILMX7300/ILMX7304N/ILMX7308N/ILMX7324N/ILMX7324N4S and ILMX7324N-8S. Don’t worry if your device is different, the XMEye […]

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XMeye CMS software for PC

XMeye CMS Setup (step-by-step)

You can use the XMeye CMS on your PC to connect to generic H.264 DVRs and other models such as the Annke series.If you have a cheap non-branded H.264 DVR and are looking for software to manage it via computer, you are in the right place. 😉​In this article, I talk about the XMeye CMS setup. Let’s […]

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