Wyze camera says it’s offline (solved)

Does your Wyze camera say it's offline in the app but you know for sure that it's online? I 've been there and I know how to quickly fix the problem.

Wyze CAM Blue LED status connected

There are different reasons the Wyze can't connect to the network and I already wrote about this in my article about the Wyze error code 42.

But you are not facing a network problem, are you? Let's discuss about that...

The misleading Wyze Cam offline message

But what annoys me the most is when the camera says it's offline and I know for sure that it's NOT because I can see the blue LED that indicates the camera is connected and I can even watch it on my PC as an alternative method.

After trying to find a solution to this problem, I finally tried one that worked and fixed the problem once and for all, so here is the solution...

To fix the Wyze Cam offline status in the app just manually install the firmware into the camera by flashing it via micro SD card.

The steps to flash the Wyze Cam firmware

  1. Download the Wyze Cam firmware on the Wyze website.
  2. Extract (Unzip) the file into your computer
  3. Make sure the file name is "demo.bin" (or rename it)
  4. Copy the file to a micro SD Card
  5. Remove the camera's power cable and insert the micro SD card
  6. Press and hold the setup button and plug the power cable back
  7. Keep pressing the button and wait until the LED turns solid blue
  8. Release the setup button
  9. Wait for 3 to 4 minutes until the camera reboots

Be patient while the camera is loading the firmware, it should take a few minutes and that's completely normal, don't panic and just wait a little bit.

When the camera is back online you'll able to see it on your Wyze App.

How to flash the firmware into the Wyze Cam

See the images that illustrate this process.

Rename the file to " demo.bin" .

Rename the Wyze Cam firmware

Insert the micro SD card into the camera.

Wyze Cam SD Card

Press and hold the setup button.

Wyze Cam setup button

Plug the power (USB) cable back to the camera *while holding the button).

Wyze Cam power cable

Observe the LED status changes from Yellow to solid blue.

Wyze CAM Blue LED status connected

Now your Wyze cam should stop displaying the offline message.

If you still have problems, visit the Wyze Cam website and ask for help.

I hope this can help you, please share this article with your friends.