Does Wyze Cam work with Google Home?

If you have a Google Home device, it certainly would be interesting to integrate it with the Wyze Cam, right? The good news is that the Wyze Cam works with Google Home and Google Assistant.

Wyze Cam works with Google Home

As long as you have a device with a display you can the Google Assistant to stream video to it. The integration is very easy and takes less than 5 minutes.

The Google devices that work with Wyze Cam

You can stream your Wyze Cam through Google Home Hub by simply asking the Google Home Assistant from any device such as your mobile phone or Google Home and Google Home Mini.

It's also possible to use a TV to stream the video via Google Chromecast.

Supported Wyze Cam devices

The Wyze Cam works with Google Home devices and Google Assistant only if you are using the Wyze Cam 2nd generation or Wyze Pan.

Unfortunately, the Wyze Cam 1st generation is not supported.

The Wyze Labs made this integration official and since then people have been using the cameras with such smart features.

Alternative solution

Years ago people were trying to use a workaround to make the camera work with the Google devices, which includes the video stream from the Wyze camera to a PC and from there to a Chromecast.

The idea is simple, updating the camera's firmware it's possible to enable the RTSP protocol which is a universal standard for audio/video streaming.

Using this protocol the device can communicate with the camera to ask for the video streaming. It's a simple and elegant solution.

It's possible to work that way, however with no native integration you don't have access to all the camera features since you are just streaming video using a standard protocol and can't manage the camera.

Common issues

Besides the official integration, there are still some issues related to the communication between the Wyze Cam and Google devices.

Since the integration is done via the user's Wyze account, there is some latency and delay to stream the video to the devices and it's a little bit annoying to ask to show the video and wait until it loads.

If you are in front of the camera, you will see the video delay when you move and nothing happens until a few seconds have passed.

This latency exists because the communication is done via the Internet and even if the camera is installed on your local network, it still depends on the external communication between Google and Wyze's servers.


The Wyze Cam is an inexpensive device with overall good quality and it's normal to have some small issues related to latency in this type of integration.

You can use other types of cameras such as the Google Nest with native Google Home integration and lower latency, but in this case, you need to pay some extra bucks for it. Sometimes it worth it.

I hope this information can help you. Please share it with your friends.