Wyze Cam v2 data usage (You must read this)

If you have a concern about the Wyze Cam v2 data usage, here you can find useful information about bandwidth and storage for this device.

wyze camera v2 data usage

How much data does WYZE CAM use?

The amount of data the Wyze Cam V2 uses depends on the camera resolution, motion detection, illumination, and other factors. 

I will talk more about that in a while, but first here's a quick answer...

In SD (Standard Resolution) the camera uses 1 to 2MB per minute, and in HD (High Resolution) the camera uses 4 to 7MB per minute.

The amount of data the camera uses impacts directly in the SD card size.

Now, let's talk more about the details...

Camera resolution

More resolution means more pixel in the image and more information the camera needs to deal with so it will use more storage space.

The Standard Definition (SD) is useful for remote connection where the bandwidth or storage space is a problem, before buying an SD card for your Wyze Cam you need to consider that it uses 1 to 2MB per minute so you can do the math to find out how long the camera records.

If bandwidth and storage space is not a concern, you can enjoy the video in high-resolution that allows you to see more details in the footage.

In High Definition (HD), the Wyze cam uses 4 to 7MB per minute depending on the other factors I will talk about later. So, basically, you need an SD card with more capacity or record for fewer days.

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Frames per second

The camera captures a number of pictures per second, that's the frame rate.

The higher the frame rate, the higher the data usage and storage space need.

Security cameras usually allow the configuration of 5, 10, 15 or 30 FPs

Motion detection

The security cameras use a CODEC (such as the H.264) to compress the video. With more movement in front of the camera, more data is created.

So compression is a huge factor in the camera data usage and it's highly related to motion detection that can be adjusted in the camera.


During the night time, the security cameras generate "noise" which looks like small sand grains and that's extra information the camera needs to deal with and that's no different in the Wyze Camera.

More information equals more data usage.


As you can see, there are different factors that affect data usage.

That's the reason the Wyze Cam V2 data usage varies from 1 to 7 MB per minute, It's basically the combination of these factors

​For more information visit the Wyze Cam website.

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