What is the Wyze Cam USB port used for?

The USB port in the Wyze Cam is used to connect and send power to another camera or Wyze Sense Bridge using the daisy-chain method.

This allows you to have more than one camera using a single power supply, but be aware that the Wyze Pan can't be powered that way because it requires too much power to move its internal motor.

I'm talking about the USB Type-A connector, the bigger one in the back of the camera as I shown in the picture below.

Wyze Cam USB Type-A port

To power up the first camera, you have to connect a cable to the micro USB port and then the USB Type-A cable can send power to the second one.

The picture below shows an example of such a connection.

Wyze Cam Daisy Chain

As you can see, the Micro USB is used to power the camera on and the USB Type-A sends the power to a second Wyze Cam V2 camera.

The Wyze Cam as a Webcam

At first, the Wyze Cam was designed to be a security camera and there wasn't a plan to use it as a webcam, but things changed recently.

People start using online communication and virtual meeting with platforms such as Webex and Zoom all over the world.

So the Wyze Labs decided to create a new firmware to allow the camera to work as a webcam and then the USB port had a new function.

To learn more read the article How to use the Wyze Cam as a webcam.

You just need to use  good software or platform the webcam will work fine.


You can use the Wyze Cam USB port to daisy-chain another camera, a Wyze Sense Bridge, or turn it into a Webcam using a special firmware.

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