Wyze Cam as a baby monitor

You can use a Wyze Cam as a baby monitor to keep watching your cute child as a fraction of the price of regular cameras available in the market.

Use the Wyze Cam as baby monitor

For only $25 you can purchase the Wyze Cam V2 or Wyze Pan from Amazon and install it yourself in the baby's room, it's pretty easy.

You can read the Wyze Camera review for more details, but as a quick overview, here are some advantages of this small and inexpensive camera.

Wyze Camera advantages as a baby monitor

The Wyze Cam is small and discrete which makes it easy to install close to the baby's crib. It captures Full HD resolution (1080p) videos that can be streamed to your mobile phone in real-time thus making it easy to monitor your baby.

Audio communication

Since it's important to hear what happens in the baby's room, you can turn on the camera audio feature which allows 2-way communication, so you can listen to your baby and talk to back using the embedded speaker.

Night Vision

During night time the infrared LEDs automatically turn on to let you see images in the dark, so you won't miss anything even in a dark room.

Smart devices integration

It's also possible to use your Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa and ask the camera to stream the video to devices such as the Echo SpotEcho ShowFire TV stick, Google Hub, and Google Chromecast.

Cloud recording

You can have your camera recording locally to a micro SD card and also stream the video to a cloud service to keep the data safely recorded.

It's possible to use the 14-days Free recording plan or pay less the $2/month to use the Wyze Cam Complete Motion Capture service.

Camera installation

The installation is very easy and takes less than 5 minutes, you just need to place it close to the baby's crib and adjust it to have the best possible view.

The Wyze Cam comes with a magnetic base that you can use to stick somewhere in the room or you can just purchase a camera housing.

The camera setup

You just need to turn the camera and follow the step-by-step instructions on how to set it up. I have an easy-to-follow video that explains the process.

As you can see, anybody can set up the camera without any technical skills.

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You can use the Wyze Cam as a baby monitor and save a lot of money.

This small camera is revolutionary and has been used for thousands of people.

If you want to learn more, please visit the Wyze Cam website.

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