What is hybrid DVR?

I've been asking the question, "what is hybrid DVR?" from people who want to understand what is the best recorder for security cameras.

A hybrid DVR is a Digital Video Recorder that converts different types of analog video inputs such as CVBS, HD-TVI, HD-CVI, AHD to digital signals to record them to a hard drive and stream the live video stream to the local network or the Internet. Some hybrid DVR models also support IP security cameras.

The picture below shows a diagram with analog cameras connected to a DVR.

CCTV system basic diagram

As you can see, there are four cameras connected to the DVR. They could be using the different technologies previously mentioned (CVBS, HD-TVI- HD-CVI, or AHD), and the hybrid DVR could work with all of them simultaneously.

You can also find people asking, "What is an XVR? or What is HDVR?" since different manufacturers and vendors use other names for their recorders.

The advantage of hybrid DVRs

With a regular DVR, you are stuck to only one technology.

On the other hand, hybrid DVRs allow you to use all sorts of modern technologies, and you don't need to get stuck with just one manufacturer, which means you can choose the cameras that offer the best quality and features at the lowest price.

You can also use recorders that allow you to use IP cameras, which is awesome.


Now that you know what a hybrid DVR is, you may consider using this type of recorder to have more choices when purchasing surveillance cameras.

If you see an offer for an XVR or HDVR, you will also know what they are.

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