What are PIR cameras

Cameras have evolved as much as humans have; they can now alert phones, recognize people, and now PIR cameras are available in the market.

PIR cameras are a fantastic addition to your home, and in this post, I will show you why.

PIR cameras

You can install security cameras under eaves

The PIR cameras are heat and thermal sensing detection technology, which was developed to allow cameras to have correct triggers.

Many cameras record when the motion sensor is triggered, meaning it can be anything from a cat to a car or a person.

However, when using a PIR or a Passive Infrared camera, the detection works another way. 

True Detect heat-based thermal sensing PIR motion detector is designed to capture activity with fewer false triggers reliably. 

These cameras were made to limit triggers to moving targets who emit heat, such as animals and humans, instead of triggering the camera due to a car driving by.

What effect do PIR cameras have?

PIR camera

Apart from more accurate recording triggers, you will also receive notifications when it truly matters. 

The advance in technology is excellent as it will save you time, and the camera will begin recording once the thermal heat body is present.

It can also help you advance your alarm system. By using a PIR sensor, you will receive and check notifications more often. 

For instance, with a regular camera, you will receive notifications when cars drive by or when a cat lays in your yard.

Therefore, you are less likely to check constant notifications.

Being aware that a PIR camera will alert you when a person is approaching your house or your dog escaped is better and safer for you and your home.


Be aware that the average range or PIR cameras are around 32ft or 10 meters. 

And its purpose is to detect warm moving bodies in the area. Once the PIR camera detects movement, the camera begins recording.

PIR cameras measure emitted infrared radiation from the warm blood of animals and humans. 

PIR camera does not detect bird

NOT detected by PIR camera

PIR camera detects dog

Detected by PIR camera

Therefore, it is not a heat-detecting camera but a thermal and motion-sensing camera.

Don't expect your PIR camera to detect smaller animals such as cats and birds.

Detection of dogs and humans trigger the motion-sensor.

The bottom line

Overall, it is clear that PIR cameras are particularly useful, especially in outside areas, to guard your home. 

Additionally, they provide a greater sense of security and produce accurate detections and notifications.

PIR cameras are great investments, you can be aware of what is going on around your home.

Making them superior to a motion detection camera that cannot distinguish the difference between a plant and a human.

Let us know below if PIR cameras are interesting to you and if you would invest in them! Don’t forget to share this article, as well.