Top 5 Reasons You Can’t Be Safe Without Home Monitoring

While the technology has gotten better, home monitoring systems are nothing new. In fact, alarm systems and CCTV have been a favored method of many to protect their valuables and their family from harm. 

smart home security system

Here are five big reasons you shouldn't go without a home monitoring system.

Allows For Protection Of Gas And Fire Problems When You're Not Home

A home monitoring system isn't just there to protect you and your family while you're at home. Rather, they're also there to protect your home when you're away. 

Newer home security systems will send you a notification if a fire alarm or a smoke detector goes off. You can even have the message immediately sent to the fire department for a quick response. Think of your home security system as your second set of eyes when you're not physically home.

Provides Peace Of Mind

Your wireless security camera system with remote viewing can help to provide much-needed peace of mind for you and your family when you're away. You can easily log in to access cameras and know when anyone approaches your front door. 

In addition, you can gain peace of mind that you'll be alerted if a fire alarm or attempted theft happens while your family is at home.

Keep Your Kids Safe

One of the hardest steps for any parent to take is hiring a babysitter to handle their child's care. Whether it's just for a date night out or a weekday necessity, babysitters are a great asset to have. However, if you've heard of many popular babysitter scams, then you're likely worried. 

When you have a home security system complete with cameras, you can ensure that your babysitter is treating your kids right. Many systems allow you to easily monitor in-home cameras from any remote location.

Emergency Medical Assistance Alert

Most new home security systems come with an emergency medical assistance alert program. Via the use of medical alert pendants or pull levers, you can instantly have emergency services sent to your home. 

This is ideal for homeowners who are in their elderly years. Not only does this provide quick emergency assistance when you need it, but this type of system will also help to give your loved ones peace of mind about your livelihood.

Necessary Theft Deterrent

Many homeowners are under the false assumption that thefts happen in the overnight hours. This falsely leaves them to believe that they will be home to stop any threat. 

The truth is that 52 percent of home burglaries happen in the daytime.

Burglars know that most homeowners work in the daylight hours, so it makes the perfect time to commit a crime. With a home security system, you can help to deter criminals from attempting to break into your home during the daytime.

Necessary Theft Deterrent

As you can see, a home security system is an asset that you simply can't do without. From protecting your family when you're at home to safeguarding your valuables when you're away, it's a must-have.