Swann Pro-Series HD password reset

There are different ways to reset Swann DVRs and cameras and in this article, I talk about the Swann Pro-Series HD password reset via recovery code.

Swann DVR

If you can't log in to your DVR because you just lost the password the solution is to reset the device to the factory default state and create a new one.

The Swann Pro-Series use the MAC Address as a type of "Swann password recovery code" and you can just use it as a "master password" to unlock your DVR.

==> The reset is simular for other Swann DVRs, you can find more information in the article How to reset Swann DVR Series 4350, 4500, 4900, 8050, 8075.

How to recover from a lost password

This process requires you to have the DVR registered within your Swann account so you can receive an email with the reset code (MAC Address).

To recover the password for the Swann Pro-series, follow the steps:

  1. Using the mouse, right-click the Live View screen
  2. Click the main menu
  3. Click "forgot password"
  4. Check your email box
  5. Enter the code (MAC Address) into the login screen
  6. Enter a new password when asked
  7. Click save
Swann Pro Series HD Login Screen
Swann Pro Series HD change password

Reset the Swann password without email

The MAC Address is a unique number that identifies every network interface card (NIC) and the Swann DVR obviously has such a hardware.

As you can see, the MAC information is available in the DVR network menu and you just need to use some tecnique to get this information without logging to the device because at the moment you just can't, right?

Since the DVR MAC Address is already engraved in the device, an alternative way to get the "Swann password recovery code", let's see how to do that...

Using a computer to find the MAC Address

You can connect a computer or laptop in the same network the DVR is located and use a simple command to find its MAC Address, just plug a UTP (network cable) to the same router the DVR is connected to as shown below.

Swann DVR in the network

Now you just need to open a "command prompt" and execute a command.

Here's how you can do that...

  • On the keyboard click the "Windows key" + R
  • In the window type "cmd" and hit "Enter"
  • Enter the command "arp -a" and hit "Enter"
  • Check the MAC address that belongs to the DVR
Windows plus R
Run window
Arp command

When you use the "arp -a" command your computer/laptop shows all the IPs and MAC Addresses of the devices that connected in the network, so you just need to locate which one belongs to your DVR, use the IP as a reference or the first part of the MAC Address that tells it's a Swann device.

The MAC Address that begins with BC:51:FE belongs to the Swann devices.

Now, just get the correct one and use it as the password recovery code.

Using a computer to find the MAC Address

You can also find the MAC address using just your mobile phone connected via Wi-Fi to the same router the Swann DVR is connected to.

Install some network app such as the "Network Analyzer" as scan the local network to find out the devices that are connected and their MAC Address.

As long as you find the Swann MAC Address you can use it to reset the password.

Here's the steps to use the Network Analyzer.

  1. Download and install the App
  2. Click the "hamburger" menu
  3. Click "LAN Scan"
  4. Look for the MAC address for the DVR
Network Analyzer
Scan the Network
LAN Scan

And that's it. Use the MAC Address of your device and reset it.


The Swann Pro-Series HD DVRs don't have a default password you need to create one during the setup but if you lost the password that's the way to reset it and re-create a new one, basically the MAC Address is the information you need to enter as a "secret code" or "master password".

For extra help, please visit the Swann Website.

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