Swann error code 90 (Quick Fix)

The Swann error code 90 occurs when there's a problem with the network. You can see the message in the Swan View or Swann Plus app.

Swann error code 90 quick fix

Some users reported the problem on devices such as the SRDVR-41525H.

The IP cameras are also susceptible to present such a network issue. 

The solution for the problem is to reboot the router and the recorder, update the firmware and the app, and try to establish the connection again.

How to update the apps

You can visit the Google Play Store or Apple store to download the last version of the Swann view link or the Swann Plus app.

To update the firmware for the camera or recorder, please visit the Swann Website.

Other problems related to the network

Make sure your Swann IP camera or recorder is connected to the local network without any restriction by checking the router's rule.

Sometimes the router uses a firewall to block specific types of traffic.

Log in to your router to look for such rules and change than if necessary.

You can also check the cables and if the WiFi signal is strong enough.

The article Swann password reset can also be helpful just in case you locked yourself out of the DVR during the troubleshooting process.

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