Swann DVR beeps continuously (solved)

If your Swann DVR beeps continuously and this is driving you crazy, here you will find the solution for the problem. So just keep reading through...

Swann DVR beeping

You can quickly make your Swan DVR stop beeping by right-clicking the screen and hitting the "Stop Beep" button on the main menu, but this is a temporary solution.

When the DVR is acting like that, probably there's something wrong with the setup, such as a bad hard drive or some setting that needs to be addressed.

Let's take a look at the possible problems and solutions... 

The CVBS Output is wrong

If you changed the CVBS Standart Output in the DVR that can cause the device to beep to warn that this configuration is not correct for your location and you need to correct the problem by just changing that configuration.

NTSC is the standard CVBS Output for the USA and Canada.

If you are not from these countries, just check which standard is available in your country and change that accordingly and also make sure the cameras are set to use the same type of signal, and then the annoying beep will go away.

The picture below shows the screen where you can fix the problem.

Swann Pal NTSC CVBS Output

If you are in the UK or Australia, PAL is the way to go, usually, when you buy a surveillance system in your country, it comes with the correct signal but it's always a good idea to check if everything correct, so just do it.

The "Input/Output Video Standard Mismatch" is generated if the cameras and DVR are not using the correct signal thus making a beeping noise to alert the user.

The HDD is full or faulty

If the hard drive is full or the DVR is using the wrong type of hard drive this can lead to an error and the system will generate an error where the DVRs beeps continuously to indicate that the HDD must be replaced for a homologated one.

The picture below shows the screen where you can set up your DVR for alarm exceptions such as alerts when the HDD is full or there's some error.

Swann DVR HDD error

DVRs and NVRs need to use specific hard drives that are designed to work with surveillance systems that record footage 24/7 and 365 days/year.

Usually, the device manufacturer has a recommended HDD list or you can use the most popular ones such as Seagate Skyhawk or Western Digital Purple.

It's recommended to use this type of hard drive to guarantee your device is going to work fine and you won't miss any important footage.


To get rid of the annoying beep you can just turn it off temporarily but it's also important to fix the problem by following the instructions is this article.

Also, make sure the HDD you are using is one of the recommended.

 If you have any other concerns just visit the Swann website and ask for help.

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