Swann device has been disposed (solved)

If you are getting the message "device has been disposed" in the app while trying to access your Swann DVR, this article is for you. Keep reading.

swann device has been disposed error

This error is related to the use of a wrong username/password when trying to login to the recorder which locks itself to prevent unauthorized access.

To solve the problem just make sure you're using the correct username and password combination before trying to log in to the Swann app.

Make sure you are using the right credentials

The smart way to guarantee you are using the right credentials login to the DVR using the admin account or any account which has admin privileges.

To add the DVR to the Swann app follow the steps:

  1.  Open the App
  2. Select Pair Device
  3. Scan the DVR's QR code
  4. Enter the device credentials

Here are the pictures that illustrate the process.

Open the App

Swann Home Safe View

Click the icon

Swann Add a new device

Click to scan the QR code

Swann Add Device ID

Click save

Swann Add New DeviceI

And it's done. Now you have the DVR added to the APP.

Update the device's firmware

To avoid the "device has been disposed" error and other ones, update the DVR's firmware and check if you are using the latest Swann mobile app.

Visit the Swann website to download what you need and ask for help if necessary.

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