How to Stop People From Parking in My Driveway

After a long day at work, and a car ride all the way home, having someone blocking your driveway entrance can be infuriating. Here is a guide on how to stop people from parking in your driveway.

There are various ways and angles to target this problem. You should follow the list below in order to start off with the minimum consequences and add to them as you go.

Hopefully, the problem does not extend for too long, and you will be able to handle it within a few couple steps. Here they are:

  1. Confront the person who parked there face to face
  2. Post a sign and paint your curb
  3. Install a security camera in your driveway
  4. Call a tow company
  5. Reach out to the local police
  6. Add a gate

No Parking Allowed

How to stop people from parking in your driveway

As previously mentioned, follow the list as the problem escalates to be able to handle it correctly. Leave the most severe things and actions as a last measure.

A face to face

Misunderstandings happen all the time. Maybe the person wasn’t aware that it was your driveway and thought it was their friend by accident. There could be an emergency that had to be dealt with immediately.

Check the windshield to see if they left their phone number; if they did, they could be in the middle of an emergency. If not, you can leave a note on their windshield asking them to contact you or letting them know they were in the way.

You won’t know unless you ask. So first, ask the person if that is their car and why they parked in your driveway. As frustrated as you may be, and you will be, stay calm and carry on a normal conversation.

Make sure to be polite yet firm, and state that you do not want to have this issue with them again. Nevertheless, a conversation won’t stop people from parking in your driveway every time.

Sign and paint to keep them away

Have you ever seen those warning signs about dogs? Well, if you get bit by one, the owner can argue that they had a sign up, and you entered at your own risk. The same goes for your driveway.

Adding a “Do Not Block Driveway” sign or “No Parking At Any Time” can keep unwanted cars away from your home. If you want to go a step further, you might want to add an “Unauthorized vehicles will be towed away at owner’s expense” sign to remind people that it will cost them.

When purchasing, make sure you get a big, visible sign and post it up somewhere where it can be highly visible to anyone attempting to park in your driveway. You can find plenty of these signs on Amazon or other online retailers.

Furthermore, you might also take an interest in adding traffic cones in front of their path or painting the curb yellow to signal that drivers should not park there.

Add a security camera.

To stop people from parking in your driveway, you can add a camera to both protect and deter people from your home. Not only will they add security to your home, but then you will also have proof of who is parking and which car they drive.

This can later serve as evidence to show police officers and help to make a claim against the person. The best part is that you can check your cameras remotely and check on your home in real-time.

You can also add signs on your lawn that you are recording. Lastly, it’s recommended to install larger cameras so they can be visible and hopefully stop people from parking in your driveway.

In fact, you should consider installing a 24-hour camera in your car, however, it is easier said than done. Find out why in the article.

Tow their car

Some people just don’t get the hint and will continue to park there regardless, but you as the homeowner can contact a tow company to come to take the car out of your driveway.

Keep in mind that it will not cost you. Instead, the owner of the car will have to pay to pick up their vehicle out of the company’s lot.

Moreover, be aware of the local laws. In various places, it is plain out illegal to park on someone’s driveway without permission. Yet, in other places, there has to be a sign stating that there should be no parking.

The general rules are as follows. If the car is parked illegally in your home’s driveway or on your property, you can tow it. The same applies to a non-residential private area with a visible sign on its lot.

However, if it is on a private property that is not residential and there is no visible sign, a total of 24 hours have to go by before you contact a tow company.

Depending on your location, the company, and the time, the cost to the owner can fluctuate. For instance, at odd hours such as 4 AM, the cost to tow can be more expensive than at 4 PM.

On average, it can cost $40 up to $100 for distances between 5-7 miles. The more distant the car is, the more it will cost the vehicle owner.

For instance, up to 40 miles can cost you up to $100-$250. And $300 to $600 for distances that reach 100 miles. It can depend from company to company, but that is for the car owner to worry about!

Call the police

Don’t hesitate to contact the police to stop people from parking in your driveway. Regardless of whether you can call a tow company, you can also call the cops.

This works best when a car is not directly on your property but somehow blocking your driveway entrance. Local police can give them a ticket and contact the towing company on your behalf.

You can also call the cops if you are not allowed to call the towing company for any reason; the police are allowed to give the tow company the go-ahead to remove the car.

To report, you can call 311 to report this issue to the proper authorities. This number should work for anyone in the US, regardless of location, and should contact the local authorities.

When calling, be sure you can provide the car’s license plate number and your location. You should also write down the car’s color, year, make and model to provide the best description of the car possible.

Add a gate

Sometimes blocking people before they block you can be an easy method to keep them out. This solution might cost you a little, but it is worth it to stop people from parking in your driveway.

It will also make your home safer as people cannot park or wander around your home. You can also opt for gates that open automatically by remote control or using your phone.

Final Thoughts

Regardless of your chosen method, you should be able to stop people from parking in your driveway. Go step by step through the process to ensure you handle it calmly and do not be disrespectful.