Does Security Camera Work Without Electricity?

People always ask me if security cameras work without electricity, so I see that is a common questions that deserves to be answered...

Camera that works without electricity

The security and safety of our home, family, and property are essential to us.

This is the reason why we install security cameras. The purpose of which is to monitor and be alerted if intruders are detected on our property.

However, there are still many questions about security cameras. And one of the most common question is if CCTV cameras work even without electricity. Let us find out as we read on and find answers to this particular question.

What? No Electricity?

What happens to the CCTV cameras when the power is out? How can you protect your properties?

The general opinion of people when there is no electricity is that the CCTV cameras will not work. Well, in some cases, this might be so. But in other cases, CCTV cameras still work despite the “no electricity” issue. Actually it depends on the type of security system you are using. Now, let us talk about this.

Can Security Cameras Work Without Electricity?

Security cameras stop working once electric power is out. However, battery-powered security cameras are not affected by it.

Plug-in security cameras will definitely not work if there is no electricity as this is what makes them work. But wireless ones can still function despite the power outage.

Plug-In Security Cameras

These type of security cameras are wired into the wall. 

Then they are connected or attached to a power supply, which is electricity. 

Connecting it to power supply means connecting it to an existing electrical cable. 

Then there is another cable which connects the camera to the network. The network device also needs electricity to function.

Plug-ins are prepared for power shortage or electricity cut-off issues. 

That is why they are packed with backup batteries. In other words, they are still capable of functioning because of the stored power in their backup batteries. 

However, the length of its battery life depends on the amount of power stored. So, if electricity is not restored yet, and the backup battery runs out of stored power; naturally, the CCTV camera will no longer be functional.

One more point to take notice of, although your CCTV cameras have backup batteries, it will still not be able to send out data. Why? 

The network device still needs electricity to function. Furthermore, you will still be unable to view stored date during the outage despite the power backup.

You either have to wait for the power to be restored, or remove the storage so you can view it on your computer. However, this action will result in your CCTV camera, not being able to record at all.

Wireless Security Cameras

Some of the wireless security cameras are equipped with rechargeable batteries.

Best wireless security cameras 2019

They also come with solar panels so you can recharge them even when there is no electricity, via the solar panels. The wireless security camera is usually used in areas where there is a problem in the electric power supply.

Backup Feature

Not all security cameras come with a backup battery feature. Hence, in cases of a power outage, the functionality of a security camera will indeed be a big problem. 

So what can we do to resolve this issue? There are always solutions to every challenge encountered in any aspect of life. Meaning. There is a solution to this issue.

Resolving the Issue

Using Battery Powered Security Cameras

Using a battery-powered security camera is one solution to this issue. Also security cameras with back- up batteries.

Battery-powered security cameras can provide you with 24/7 security and protection. They still can function with or without electricity as rechargeable batteries power them.

As every rechargeable batteries go, they are plugged into recharge. However, the neat thing about this is it may also be recharged using solar power.

An example of this type is Reolink Argus 2. This wireless security camera can still be functional despite the power outage. This is because it is rechargeable and can also work with the use of solar power.

It comes with a solar panel which you can use to power it up. Making your property and family secure, 24/7, power outage or not. Note: remote access and push notifications are not possible with Reolink Argus 2 during a power outage. 

So, if you want such features even during a power outage, opt for Reolink Go instead.

DIY Solar Powered Security Cameras

Providing a DIY solar power to your security camera is also another solution. People are now becoming more resourceful. They find means and ways to resolve whatever issues they encounter, without spending too much.

However, this option is not as easy as you think. You need to learn the ins and outs and all the curves of the field. 

You need to be educated and knowledgeable enough before you embark on this DIY project. If you don’t, you might end up creating another problem instead of solving it and make matters worse.

Solar power is a wise option as solar power is free. And besides the sun’s solar energy is not affected by any power outage at all. So you can have the protection and security you aim for despite having no electricity at all.

Using UPS Battery Backup during Power Failure

UPS refer to Uninterruptible Power Supply. It is a protector against a power surge. UPS pre-stores power inside the backup battery, therefore providing emergency power to your security camera in situations when electricity is not available.

This option is easy. You have to connect the security camera to the UPS. A security system set include counterparts like DVR/NVR, monitor, router, and IP cameras.

For standalone security cameras, a UPS battery backup is recommended. For security systems, however, it is best to use a multiple channel UPS.

This will save you money and time running long cables and connecting the counterparts that come in a security system set.

By Using Standby Generator When Power Is Out

Standby generators are also one of the best options to make sure your security cameras will still work despite the power outage.

This is ideal for long-term power outages. Standby generators automatically start generating power. Standby generators use gasoline to work.

However, a security camera will need time to start-up when using a standby generator. Therefore, you still need a backup battery to make sure that the power supply of your security camera will go uninterrupted.

Will House Alarms Still Work Without Electricity?

Technology may have given us security camera systems with modern and upgraded features. However, there are still a lot of homes who have traditional alarm systems. Will they still work when there is a power outage?

Well, the answer is yes, traditional security systems will still work despite the power outage. 

They react because of sensors mounted at strategic places of your property. Hence, these do not need electricity to function. 

They have different reactions when there is a power outage because of their varied ways to communicate with the monitoring center.

How Traditional Security Alarm Systems Communicate with the Monitoring Center

They have different reactions when there is a power outage because of their varied ways to communicate with the monitoring center.

Through Traditional Telephone Lines

Transmission of data via telephone lines is not affected by a power outage. This means that they will continue to work regardless of the situation.

A UPS is used for the security control panel. In short data transmission using traditional telephone lines does not depend on electricity to function.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

The voice over internet protocol delivers data via internet protocol networks. Therefore, this is affected by a power outage. If there is no power, the ADT security will stop working.

Through Cellular Radio

Cellular radios work just like our mobile phones because they use similar technology. Therefore, the security system will not be affected by power loss.

That is until it runs out of backup battery power.

Cellular backup is a wireless connection. It is distributed either through land areas with transceivers or base transceiver stations, cells or cell sites.

A cellular connection is used to transmit everything from your voice speaking through two-way audio or data.

To Wrap Up

Securing our homes and properties is one crucial thing we must always take into consideration.

If you feel uncomfortable or unsafe when your security camera system does not function or is not working, especially during a power outage, then you must consider the suggestions mentioned in this post.

It is a good idea if you installed a wireless security camera system, though.

For critical businesses, however, they must provide for a standby generator in case of a power outage.

Hospitals and other critical care facilities need backup generators because there are situations or areas on these facilities that require constant monitoring of patients with the use of CCTV cameras.

Therefore, having a backup or standby generator for these devices the best idea.

It is always the aim of every home and business owner to keep their property and family safe and well-protected.

One way and the most practical way is to install a security camera system.

But we must also need to make sure that they are always working correctly, regardless of a power outage.