Fix: Ring Spotlight is Flashing On and Off

If your Ring Spotlight is flashing on and off, it could be a sign of an issue with the device. Let’s learn how to fix it.

Below we will go into depth on how to troubleshoot your Ring Spotlight, but first, let’s understand what the device is and what it’s used for.

What Is The Ring Spotlight?

Ring Spotlight is a line of security cameras and home automation products developed by Ring, a company that specializes in home security and smart home devices.

The Ring Spotlight camera is a wireless, weather-resistant camera that can be mounted on a wall or ceiling. It has a built-in spotlight and motion detection, and it can be set up to send notifications to your phone or tablet when it detects motion. 

The camera also has a two-way audio feature, which allows you to communicate with anyone near the camera using the Ring app on your phone or tablet. 

The Ring Spotlight camera can be connected to other smart home devices and can be controlled using the Ring app, making it a convenient and effective way to keep an eye on your home and property. If you would like to know more about it, check out our article on the Ring Spotlight review!

What To Use It For?

There are many different uses for Ring Spotlight cameras. They can be used for home security, to monitor the exterior of your home and property, to keep an eye on children or pets, or to monitor any other areas of your home or property. 

You can also use the camera’s built-in spotlight to deter burglars or other unwanted visitors. Additionally, the camera’s two-way audio feature allows you to communicate with anyone near the camera, making it a useful tool for communicating with visitors or responding to any potential threats. 

With its motion detection and notification features, the Ring Spotlight camera is a reliable and convenient way to keep an eye on your home and property.

Troubleshooting Tips– Ring Spotlight is flashing on and off.

You can try a few different things to troubleshoot and fix the problem. First, try resetting the device by pressing and holding the reset button for 20 seconds. This can often resolve issues with the device. 

If that doesn’t work, you should try checking the wiring and connections to make sure everything is secure and properly connected. If the issue persists, try one of the troubleshooting tips below.

Tiny Crawlers And Unwanted Guests

Ring Spotlight cameras are known to be used outside, which means they tend to be exposed to weather, dirt and debris, and even animals and pests.

The spotlight on a Ring camera will turn on if any motion is detected. Thus, if bugs such as spiders, flies, or bees are on top or around the camera, it can cause the motion sensor to go off. To avoid issues with insects, try spaying bug repellant around the camera, but not directly on it.

Furthermore, bigger animals, such as squirrels, rats, and birds, can sometimes appear in front of the camera. Birds flying, rats running and squirrels jumping from trees are all triggers for your camera.

Furthermore, plants moving in the wind can also trigger the sensor because of the sharp movement it creates. Even a quick change of lighting in the scene might do it. Or it could be your neighbor’s cat out for a late-night stroll.

Checking the footage of when the spotlight was triggered can help you see if a person is creeping around, a teen is sneaking out, or just some plants dancing with the wind.

Motion Sensitivity Adjustment

If you find that the cat, plants, or pests are triggering your camera, consider adjusting the camera’s motion sensitivity. Configuring it correctly will tell the camera where to look for motion and how much action is needed to trigger the spotlight.

To set motion zones, open the Ring app on your phone. Select “Devices” and find your Ring Spotlight camera. Then choose “Motion Settings” followed by “Motion Zones.”

Now, follow the prompts on the screen but be aware of the following information. Avoid using motion zones in busy areas. For instance, don’t place it on the sidewalk where neighbors walk their dogs up and down.

Refrain from placing a motion zone where cars drive by frequently. Remember that every time a motion is sensed inside a motion zone, the spotlight will be triggered. 

If your Ring Spotlight is flashing on and off after you set up a motion zone, it might be too much of a busy, high-traffic area. Go back into the app, and adjust it.

Motion Frequency Adjustment

Inside the “Frequency” tab, you can set how often you want the motion detection to turn on. The camera’s spotlight will turn on often if the “Frequently” option is enabled.

You may try to change it to any other option which can make a difference if your Ring Spotlight is flashing on and off. There is one more thing you can try.

Ring Spotlight Battery

As a last resort, you can recharge your camera’s battery. When Ring Spotlight is flashing on and off, it could be a sign that the battery is low. The camera comes with rechargeable batteries that must be charged every so often.

The battery takes around five to ten hours to charge fully. It can depend on where you plug in the USB port. You may charge it using an outlet, or a USB port on a computer, for instance. If you recall, the Micro-USB to charge the camera’s battery comes in the box.

To remove your battery from the Ring Spotlight camera, start by opening the camera’s battery compartment by pressing the white button. Then release the battery by pressing down on the tab.

Connect the Micro-USB to the battery and plug it in. You will see red and green lights while it is charging. Once charged, the battery LED will stay solid green. Place the battery back into the camera, and wait as it starts up.

To check your camera’s battery level, launch the Ring app and select your camera under the “Devices” menu. There is a battery level percentage located in the upper-right corner.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, if your Ring Spotlight is flashing on and off, there are a few different steps you can try to troubleshoot and fix the problem. Fixing this problem is a must, as the constant light going in and out will drain your camera’s battery.

It’s essential to regularly maintain and troubleshoot your Ring Spotlight camera. Moreover, ensure that it is working properly and providing the protection and security you need for your home and property.