How to reset Axis cameras (Fix Box)

In this article, I explain how to reset an Axis camera to factory default.

Here you can find an example with a fix box camera P1365 MK II, but the process is very similar in different models such as domes and PTZs.

So, let's learn how to do it...

Reset an Axis camera to factory default

You need a UTP patch cord, a switch (or PoE injector), and a computer.

The idea is to power the camera, reset it and check the result using a computer.

Here are the steps to reset the camera:

  • Press and hold the reset button;
  • Connect the camera to power;
  • Hold the reset button for about 30 seconds;
  • Release the reset button;
  • Use the computer to check if the camera is reset.
Axis P1365 MK II Reset Button

You can use the Axis IP utility or the Axis Device Manager to find the camera in the network. As long it's connected to the same subnet as your computer.

If you have a DHCP server in the network, the camera automatically receives an IP from it, and you can locate the camera by using one of these tools.

If no DHCP server is available, the camera uses the default IP

The following picture shows my Axis P1365 MK II camera after a reset.

Axis P1365 MK II Login Screen

The first time I try to login into the camera, it asks to create a password.

The camera also asks for some extra information to get started.

And it's done.

Now you can enjoy your camera.

Video: How to Reset an Axis Camera

Here's a quick video that shows the reset process.

Just hit the play button and enjoy.

It's pretty easy, isn't it?

If you have a different model, please just try the same process.