How to reset the Amcrest 650 TVL and QCAM DVR

In this article, I show how to reset the Amcrest 650 TVL and QCAM DVR.

Amcrest 650TVL DVR

If you lost the DVR's password and can't log in anymore, here's the solution.

To reset the NVR, fill the Amcrest Password Reset Request form and a support agent will help you out over the phone and provide a code that you must use to reset the DVR to the factory default settings.

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The reset process

To reset the DVR it's necessary to have a proof of purchase and a valid phone number to talk to a support agent. This is done to verify that you are the legit owner of the device and not somebody else trying to break into the DVR.

Follow the steps to reset the DVR.

  1. Connect the DVR to the Internet
  2. Fill the Amcrest Password Reset Form
  3. Generate the code on the DVR login screen
  4. Talk to the Amcrest agent to inform the code
  5. Use the super password given by the agent reset the DVR
  6. Create a new password for the DVR

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Fill the Amcrest Password Reset Request form

Visit the Amcrest website and fill the Password Reset Request form.

Here's the information you need to have.

  • DVR Model Number
  • Serial Number(S/N)
  • Date Displayed on the Device
  • Phone Number 
  • Email
  • Proof of ownership

The proof of ownership is a document such as a purchaser's receipt or invoice.

Get the forgot password code

To get the reset code that must be informed to the Amcrest support agent go the DVR login screen and follow the steps below.

  1. Click on Forgot Password
  2. Write down the reset code
  3. Call the Amcrest support agent
  4. Identify yourself and inform the code
  5. Get the super password from the agent
  6. Insert the supper password into the login screen
  7. Create a new password

The number you need to call to talk to the agent is available in the Password Reset Request form.

See the pictures below that illustrate the reset process.

Amcrest DVR 650TVL login screen
Amcrest DVR 650TVL System login
Amcrest DVR 650TVL Password restored
Amcrest DVR 650TVL Create a new password

Once the reset it's done just follow the setup wizard to complete the configuration.

And it's done. Now you have access to your DVR.

If you need extra help, please visit the Amcrest support website.

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Video: Password Reset Code Procedure

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>> Conclusion

And these are the instruction on how to reset the Amcrest 650 TVL and QCAM DVR. As you can see, it depends on the Internet connection.

Make sure you have everything ready before calling the support agent.

Just in case you don't have the Internet available, talk to an agent to find out what would be an alternative solution for the problem.

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