Pros Of Using Video Security Cameras In Educational Institutions


Many parents and teachers debate whether cameras should be allowed on school property. Some feel like the use of cameras on campus intrudes on students’ right to privacy and believe that there is no cause for added security in the form of constant visual monitoring. This can be considered a good point, but video security’s benefits can’t be ignored. In this article, we aim to shed more light on the benefits educational institutions can enjoy by installing video security on their premises. So, whether you’re a student, teacher, or parent, you might want to read this article until the end, as you might get a new perspective on the topic.

5 Benefits of Using Video Security Cameras on Campus

If you have ever walked into a bank or a museum, you might have noticed cameras everywhere. This makes sense because these places have copious valuable material goods that must be protected. That said, it’s hard to deny that human life is far more valuable than any possessions. As students, being our future, are among the most vulnerable members of society, it makes sense that they should be well protected. As a result, many schools have set up cameras on their premises, and here are 5 benefits they discovered.

  • Increased Level Of Readiness During Emergencies
  • Discouraged Car Theft And Vandalism
  • A Safer Environment
  • Monitored Building Access
  • Secured Evidence
  1. Increased Level Of Readiness During Emergencies

Nobody would ever wish for something bad to happen, but we must always take precautions to ensure safety. With cameras, a school will better understand its environment at any time, allowing them to coordinate better during times of emergency. For instance, a security camera might be able to spot an intruder trying to get access to the building before they even enter. Alternatively, they may showcase areas at school that need to be altered to allow better student traffic so that the students and teachers are prepared for any emergencies life fires or blackouts. A fisheye camera would be perfect for this as it can capture a 360० degree view of the environment.

Speaking of readiness, another thing that can ensure student preparedness is planning in advance and getting the needed help ahead of time. If a student dreads the upcoming deadline, it is best not to leave the work for later but to reach out to a professional and hand over some of the tasks that need immediate attention. Students can buy research papers for sale cheap and leave academic stress behind. This way, they will always be ready, and none of their school work will skip their attention.

  1. Discouraged Car Theft And Vandalism

When a camera is placed in the open and is easy to see, it can discourage members of society from committing a crime. For example, with a simple screenshot, cops can track down stolen cars and individuals who might have engaged in violent activity. Likewise, when a criminal considers their chances of escaping the law slim, they are less likely to engage in illegal behaviors.

  1. A Safer Environment

While we would like to assume teachers and students have the best relationship, this isn’t always the case. There have been instances where teachers and vice versa have harassed students. In the past, trying to resolve these issues has proven challenging as only eyewitness accounts are often available as evidence. However, with cameras, students’ and teachers’ activities in public places on campus can be tracked. Devices like that can be very helpful. It is common knowledge that digital tools can improve learning, as we have seen many apps dedicated to helping students study. However, cameras can also help students feel more comfortable on school premises.

  1. Monitored Building Access

Having someone fired or expelled enter the school is something that most educational institutions try to avoid. However, tracking individual movements can be difficult, especially if the number of security guards is limited, as with most schools. However, placing a camera at every entrance makes you less likely to have a surprise visitor. 

  1. Secured Evidence

When a crime is committed on or close to the school property, having evidence can prove very useful. Most modern cameras have high-resolution lenses and excellent microphones that can record both video and audio clearly. So, for instance, if a crime is committed late at night, a security camera might catch the voices of the perpetrators, which could help law enforcement track and bring them to justice, even if photos are less reliable due to poor lighting.

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Almost everything has some drawbacks. However, if you only focus on the negatives, you can end up ignoring the benefits. As cameras are more likely to reduce the crime rate on campus by providing a safer environment for students and allowing better decision-making through the evidence it stores, I’m sure you would agree that these are significant benefits worth considering. 

Author’s Bio

Ruby Butz is a cybersecurity expert and freelance writer. Her day job involves securing computers against all possible attacks. She has seen firsthand how technology can be very beneficial, especially in the educational field.