How to Power IP cameras via Coax Cable

Do you want to power your IP cameras via coax cables?

Yeah, that's possible and I can show you how to do that...

There are different ways to accomplish this task, so let's discuss how it's done.

How to send power to IP cameras via Coax

You can use converters (A.K.A. PoE Over Coax Adapter Kits) to send power from a PoE switch or midspan (power injector) to your IP cameras located far away.

Depending on the device and coax cable you are using, it's possible to send PoE power to the device up to 500m (1600 ft) away.

Here's how you can use the PoE Over Coax Adapter Kit.

Axis Coax to UTP Converter Diagram 01

Axis Coax to UTP converter diagram (click to enlarge)

This diagram shows an example of the Axis PoE+ Over Coax Adapter Kit.

The converter close to the switch is called "Base" and the other one "Device".

The following picture shows an example of such Axis converters.

Axis Coax to UTP Converter Kit

AXIS T8640 PoE+ Over Coax Adapter Kit

There are different ways of using such converters.

You can also use different models that better suit your project needs.

Take a look at the following diagram that shows a different type of application.

Axis Coax to UTP Converter Diagram 02

Axis Coax to UTP converter diagram w/ power supply (click to enlarge)

As you can see, there's a power supply connected to the converter that is close to the camera (base). This solution is used when there's a need for extra power.

Here's a table that shows the power over distance for different cables.

( based on a standard PoE or PoE+ Switch)






RG-59 (22AWG)

225 m

(750 ft.)

125 m
(420 ft.)

100 m
(330 ft.)

60 m
(200 ft.)


300 m

(1000 ft.)

300 m
(1000 ft.)

265 m
(800 ft.)

195 m
(650 ft.)

RG-59 (22AWG core)

300 m
(1000 ft.)

300 m
(1000 ft.)

300 m
(1000 ft.)

300 m
(1000 ft.)

RG-59 (20AWG core)

500 m
(1600 ft.)

500 m
(1600 ft.)

500 m

(1600 ft.)

500 m
(1600 ft.)

This is an interesting solution that allows you to reuse the existing coax cables.

This article shows an example with Axis converters, but you can also use other models out there from reliable manufacturers such as NVT.

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