How to move the Hikvision OSD Date and Time and camera name

If you don't like the Hikvision OSD date and time position, you can move it.

Hikvision OSD Display camera name date and time

Hikvision IP camera OSD (On Screen Display)

You can also change the camera name position.

The OSD (On Screen Display) information is flexible, and you can place it wherever you want and have it recorded the footage. Let's see how to do that.

How to move the OSD position

Here are the steps to move the Hikvision OSD position.

  • Use a web browser to log into the camera or recorder;
  • Click on "Configuration >> Image >> OSD Settings";
  • Drag and Drop the text as you like;
  • Click "Save".

The red color text is used as a reference; you can use your mouse to click on it and drag and drop to a new position anywhere on the screen.

The picture below illutrates the OSD Settings menu.

Hikvision camera OSD position

As you can see, I used the mouse to drag and drop the red text to a new position.

The OSD text is above the red one (since the red text is only a closer reference).

(The text position is just an example, I would not leave it there).

The OSD settings

You can change the OSD color, size and more...

The picture below illutrates the OSD Settings menu.

Hikvision OSD Settings

Hikvision camera OSD settings

The OSD menu allows the following adjustments.

Display Mode: 

  • Transparent & Flashing
  • Transparent & Not Flashing
  • Not Transparent & Flashing
  • Not Transparent & Not Flashing

OSD size:

  • Auto
  • 16 * 16
  • 32 * 32
  • 48 * 48
  • 64 * 64

Font Color:

  • Black & Whhite Self-adaptive
  • Custom (you can choose the color)


  • Align Right
  • Align Left
  • Custom

The OSD settings menu allows you to show or hide the information as well.


You can easily change the OSD date/time and description on a Hikvision camera.

It's just a question of getting into the menu and drag and drop the text.

You can find more information on the Hikvision website.

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