Mouse Not Working on DVR or NVR [Solved]

I bet you are here because you plugged a mouse into your DVR or NVR, and it's not working, right? Don't worry, I had the same problem, and I found the solution.

Hikvision DVR

The main reason your mouse is not working on the DVR or NVR is related to incompatibility problems or the use of new technology such as wireless connection.

You can solve this issue by just replacing the mouse with a traditional one that uses cable and is manufactured by a well-known and popular company. 

Let's dig into the details...

The wireless mouse is not working on your DVR

So, you plug the dongle key that comes with your mouse into the DVR/NVR USB port, and nothing happens when you move the mouse or click the buttons.

I'm assuming you already checked the mouse's battery and know it's OK, right? If that's the case, let's take a look at common problems with wireless mice.

The driver problem

Well, my friend, you possibly have an incompatibility problem between the wireless mouse and the recorder, which does not have the specific drivers to deal with this type of mouse.

Yeah, that's right. The DVR/NVR uses an operating system (usually Linux) with the drivers (programs) to manage the hardware, and unfortunately, you are not lucky to have your mouse's drive available. 

The approach to solving the problem

The best solution is to update the DVR/NVR firmware to check if a new version can bring the drivers you need or replace it for a popular mouse model.

I sincerely think the second option the best one, and it usually works for me.

Sure, before replacing the wireless mouse, you can also try to switch the dongle to a different USB port (if available) and reboot the recorder.

Let's take a look at a different scenario...

A Wired USB mouse is not working on your DVR/NVR

Use a wired USB mouse is easier to guarantee compatibility.

Suppose you plug the mouse directly into the USB port. In that case, there are no extra variables to consider, such as signal interference or technology incompatibility, which may lead to a mouse not responding problem.

I recommend using a wired mouse to test the recorder first before moving to a wireless version of the product.

Here are some common issues related to the wired USB mouse on a DVR/NVR.

USB port connection

You may still face the USB port connection issues that sometimes simply don't recognize the device plugged in (mouse).

Move the mouse to a different port and reboot the recorder.

You may also consider the USB port may be defective.

Driver incompatibility

A driver may also be considered as a factor to make things work together.

If you are using a fancy mouse, perhaps your DVR/NVR doesn't have the driver for it.

Consider using a mouse that is widely used and works with most computers. Brands such as Logitech are compatible with most devices out there.

So, consider using a Logitech mouse or other popular model.


If the mouse is not responding when connected to a DVR or NVR, please try to use simple steps to solve the problem. Start by checking if the mouse has a battery and if it works with a regular computer.

You may also use a mouse manufactured by a trustworthy company that is known to have the best products.

Most of the time, these factors fix the mouse not being detected issue.

I hope this article can help you, please share it your friends.