Is there’s a monthly fee for the Wyze Cam

People have been asking if there's a monthly fee for Wyze Cam.

monthly fee for the Wyze Cam

Since most of the smart cameras require a paid cloud service, it's quite normal to ask such a question before purchasing a product.

At first, there's no monthly fee for the Wyze Cam. It's possible to watch the live video and record for up to 14 days in the free cloud service.

The Wyze Cam free cloud storage

So, you may be wondering "what's the catch with the free recording?".

Nobody can give you unlimited space to record your camera for free, so the camera is limited to record only 12-seconds clips every 5 minutes.

That's it. There's no fee to use the Wyze Cam, you can watch live video as much as you want and record on a micro SD card and use the cloud to record with such limitation (which is practically useless).

If somebody approaches your house the camera detects the movement and starts recording, but 12 seconds later it stops for 5 minutes and that's time enough to something bad happens and you won't have any evidence.

That's no good because at the end of the day you will watch a video before and after a robbery with nothing recorded in between 🙁

The subscription service for the Wyze Cam

There's an option to have a monthly fee for the Wyze Cam.

It's a subscription service that allows your Wyze Cam to record without the 12 seconds/5 minutes limitation and you have to pay for that.

Don't worry, the service is called Complete Motion Capture (CMC) and it costs only $1.99/month per camera to record for as long as you want.

This is very affordable, isn't it?

Comparing to services such as Ring and Arlo's that costs more than $3 per camera, the Wyze CMC is a good alternative to consider.

You can purchase a Wyze Cam for about $25 and record in the cloud for an entire year for less than the price you paid for the camera. 

Alternative ways of recording

As I said before, the Wyze Cam records on the cloud and micro SD card, but it's also possible to have the camera recording on a PC.


You can have your Wyze cam recording on the cloud for free or pay the small fee to have a better recording service.

Using only the micro SD card is risky because something can happen with the camera or card and all the evidence is gone.

Think about what solution is better for you.

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