Lilin Default Password

Default passwords are fairly common throughout the security camera industry. In this article, we will be talking about the Lilin default password.

What is Lilin?

Lilin is a manufacturer that produces surveillance cameras and recorders (DVR/NVR). It is a Taiwan-based company that distributes its products which are sold mainly by third-party sellers under different brand names.

Lilin Default Password List

Since Lilin manufactures various surveillant products, there are different Lilin default passwords for each set of products. For instance, recorders and cameras will not use the same default passwords.

Lilin Recorders (DVR/NVR) Default Password

For Lilin recorders, use “admin” as the username and “1111” as the password. “” is the default IP address.

Lilin Cameras Default Password

Lilin cameras’ default IP address is “”  Use “admin” as a default username and “pass” for the password.

Lilin Users Default Password

If you have additional users connected to your devices, they will have distinct credentials because they are not the admin. For usernames, use “User” followed by their number at the end. Such as “User01,” “User02” or “User03.”

The default password for all users is “3333.” Therefore, if you are unaware of what user you are, try all of the above with the same password.

Resetting Passwords

If none of the above Lilin default passwords has worked for you, or you have changed your password and forgotten it, don’t stress. Let’s go over how to reset passwords on Lilin devices.

Resetting Lilin Camera’s Password

Keep in mind that Lilin manufactures various different cameras. Thus the resetting process can look different in each one. So, we will break it down by camera type below.

Lilin Bullet IP Cameras

After pressing the button, you should allow the camera to start up, which should take a couple of minutes.

Lilin Bullet camera
Source: Lilin website

Once the camera is back to normal, the Lilin default password will be “pass.” The username is “admin,” and the IP address is” If the default credentials do not work, try using the default credentials mentioned above.

Lilin Dome IP Cameras

On dome and bullet cameras, you should be able to locate the reset button inside the camera. You will first need to remove the camera’s housing to find it.

After you remove the cover and find the button, make sure the camera is on, and then press and hold down the button for 30 seconds before releasing. This will revert the camera to factory settings.

Once the camera has rebooted, the default credentials should apply once again. Attempt to log in using the default username and passwords mentioned above in the article.

Turret IP Camera

Turret cameras cannot be opened, which means there is no need to open the camera’s housing to locate a reset button. Instead, the turret has a reset cable.

You should find it by the RJ45 connector. To reset the camera, you will need to remove and strip the cable. Then shorten it together, release it, and tape it together. Be careful and keep the ends from touching.

The camera will take 2-3 minutes to power up completely. Once the camera is back, you will need to connect the ends of the cables for 30 seconds. Release the cables, and tape them back together like in the picture below.

Lilin Turret camera
Source: Lilin Website

Resetting Lilin Recorder (DVR/NVR) Password

If you try the recorder default passwords mentioned above and they do not work, then you can reset the Lilin recorder altogether. To do so, you will need to use the reset button.

By pressing the button, you should be aware that the settings will be reverted to their factory settings. Every Lilin recorder will have a reset switch, whether a button or cable.

Instructions On Resetting Lilin Recorder Passwords

If you lost or forgot your password, resetting your recorder is the best option to get you quick access to the menu. If your recorder (DVR/NVR) does not ask you for a password and does not let you log in, there is an issue.

To fix that, you should perform a factory reset using the local interface. You will need a monitor (a TV also works) and a mouse. Connect the monitor, mouse, and recorder together through the HDMI/VGA port.

Remember, you cannot use a web browser to perform the reset. Once everything is set up, open the recorder menu and select the configuration “Cog” icon in your screen’s upper left corner.

The “Cog” icon option may not appear. If it does not, move the mouse around the screen, specifically around the upper left side. After opening the menu, choose “System” from the menu bar, followed by “Maintenance.”

Then you will see two factory reset options under this menu– Default or Restore. The default factory reset will place all settings back in their original factory mode.

Restore, on the other hand, will place all settings back to default; however, it will not mess with the IP address or the monitor resolution. It is the recommended choice to choose from.

After choosing one of them, your recorder will automatically start rebooting, and then you can log in by using the default username and passwords we discussed above.

Now you should be able to log in; then you should modify your password to your choosing. 

Contact Lilin Customer Support

If the above has not worked for you, then you will have to talk to the seller you bought the camera from or the manufacturer itself. Be ready to provide information such as proof of purchase, the camera’s model, and serial number.

As a last resort, you can contact Lilin customer service. To do so, go to the Lilin official website, and fill in the technical support form. By doing so, they can help you reset your password.

Final Thoughts

There are various Lilin default passwords for each device they manufacture. However, if it does not work for you, there is always the possibility of resetting the device altogether.

When it comes to Lilin cameras, the type of camera can affect the method of resetting. So make sure you know if your camera is a dome, turret, bullet, or box style.