Nest Cam IQ review (face recognition camera)

Can you believe your security camera could recognize your face and also prevent alert you when intruder break into your home? Yeap this camera exists, it's the Nest Cam IQ, a smart camera for home and small offices.

NEST, which is part of Google's enterprise group, has launched a camera that allows people face recognition by using the FaceNet technology. The same one that is used in Google's own photo storage service.

So, if you want to get one of this smart security camera, keep reading...

The Nest Cam IQ can register people's face in its internal memory, so you and your family can have the faces white-listed and when somebody that are not part of the group get into your home, the Nest Cam send you an intrusion alert via email. How cool is that, huh ? 

Get everybody onboard

So, if you want to make sure your relative don't get confused with intruders next time they come to your home, is better register everybody's face into the Nest Cam IQ memory, c'mom ask your mother-in-low and everybody else to stay in front of the camera for a while and get their pictures.

Be safe even if the Nest Cam is stolen

The images are recorded in the cloud, so even if the camera is stolen, it is still possible to have the images of the attacker. That's really awesome for an IP camera and that's exactly what every smart camera should do.

To use the Nest Cam IQ cloud recording service you need to pay a monthly plan that ranges from 10 to 30 dollars to record from 10 to 30 days in the Nest servers. That's a good price to keep your home safe, isn't it ?

Nest Cam IQ technology

The camera features a powerful 6-core processor (that's a big brain) and Wi-Fi technology that makes the installation fast and simple,

A 4K internal sensor captures clear images and the HDR (High Dynamic Range) technology compensates for ambient light contrast to capture crisp high-quality video at 1080p (2 Mega Pixel) resolution.

There is also an built-in microphone to capture audio in the environment and a powerful speaker to generate alerts and scare the intruder to death.

Not only that, the Nest Cam also has a technology for echo and noise suppression, so it can record a clear audio. Wow, that's really nice...

See the Nest Cam IQ video demo...

Nest Cam IQ price

The camera was launched at a price of $299 or if you buy two units there is a discount and the total price is $498 allowing a savings of $ 100.

Nest Cam Security

You don't want somebody to hack your nest camera, so keep your password safe and always update the firmware (camera internal software) as soon as the manufacturer releases a new version. 

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