How to watch Wyze Cam on TV

There are different ways to watch Wyze Cam on TV.

This small and affordable camera is compatible with different apps which allow us to view live video on different devices including TVs.

Let me just show you a summary of how it's possible to stream the video to your TV and you can click the links to see more details... 

Here's how you can watch Wyze Cam on TV:

Let's take a quick look at these different options.

Wyze Cam with the Google Chromecast

You can use the Chromecast as an intermediate device between your Wyze Camera and the TV. The camera is compatible with this device.

Wyze Cam Streaming to Chromecast

The article "Wyze Cam on Chromecast" shows the setup details.

Stream video to the TV using fire TV stick

The Amazon Fire TV stick is very popular because it works with different video streaming apps and it also integrates with Alexa and Wyze Cam to display the video on the TV. You just need to ask "Alexa, show my cam on TV".

Wyze Camera on Firestick

The article "Wyze Cam on Fire Stick" has all the information you need.

Tiny Cam App on your TV

Tiny Cam Pro is a popular app that works with different types of cameras which include the Wyze Cam. The app runs on Android devices so if you use an Android TV it's possible to run Tiny Cam on your TV.

How to add Wyze cam to TinyCam

Read the article "Add Wyze Cam to the Tiny Cam App" to learn more.

The article explains how to add the camera to the app in a mobile, but you can use the same setup process to configure the camera on your TV.

You can also use the Amazon Fire TV stick or Nexus Player to install the Tiny Cam Pro app and stream the video from the Wyze Cam to the TV.


In this article, I explain how to stream Wyze Cam to a TV using different methods and it's up to you which one it's better for your case.

Those options have advantages and disadvantages but at the end of the day, all of them work and give us a way to have the security camera on the TV.

I hope this article can help you, please share it with your friends.