How to Transfer Ownership of ADT account

Are you packing your bags and moving? Sadly you can’t take your ADT devices with you? But there is a way to transfer ownership of your ADT account. Find out how below.

Once you start packing, things can get chaotic. And so many questions arise. Can you even transfer an account? Well, what if you plan to take your devices along with you? The process is relatively easy, which is awesome, especially when you have so much to think about!

To start the transfer ownership of your ADT account, you will have to contact ADT a few weeks before moving so they can handle the process for you. 

Below we will walk you through the transferring process and let you know what to do to simplify your moving process.

ADT Panel

How to transfer ownership of your ADT account

ADT provides top-of-the-line devices to residential and commercial areas adding a sense of security to the area and providing 24/7 monitoring.

Be advised that the transfer of an account cannot be made due to the company’s technical and legal problems. This is because legal contracts are bound and established when users create accounts.

New house owners

In this example, we are assuming that you sold the house. Thus the new owner wants the account under their name. But due to ADT’s rules and contracts, you will need to follow the procedure.

First, since the contract is in your name, your account will need to be terminated as you no longer own the house. You also have the option to transfer your account to a new address. We will talk about it later in the article.

A new contract between ADT and the new buyer will be drawn, and then they can agree and access the system already in place. Furthermore, this saves the homeowner money as they will have the devices already installed.

The new homeowners have to take it upon themselves to agree to ADT’s contract and add in a new panel password and credentials. As well as passcodes for the monitoring ADT station.

Changing the name of the account

If needed, you can change the account holder’s name and remove your information from the account. This can be recommended if you are leaving the house to family, or your parents for example.

By changing the name, you will basically put the system under another person’s name. And they will be in charge of handling the account. 

However, we do not recommend that you do this when a new owner moves into your home, as it is better for everyone that they get their own contracts with ADT.

But if you need to update the account holder’s name, you will need to call ADT personally to change the name through them. You can also update the account’s information yourself through your online account.

Nevertheless, you should be aware that removing a name from the account and adding another transfer all responsibility to the account’s title holder. This process can actually save you money in cancelation fees and can be fantastic when someone from your family is moving out.

Do keep in mind that cancellation fees can apply if your contract is broken before its renewal. However, if you are moving soon and your contract renewal is due, I suggest not signing it as you will be moving, so you won’t have to breach it later on.

Moving out of your home

Suppose that you are moving to a new house and want to physically transfer all your devices to your new home. Then you will need to contact the company 30 days prior to moving out to give ADT time.

Moreover, make it abundantly clear that you also plan to relocate your system and will move your account to another home. These 30 days will allow ADT to create a new contract and offer you the best options.

Note that you might have to pay extra fees for your physical relocation of the system. But there could be more to that than you might initially think.

Should I take my ADT devices with me?

Not necessarily; when you transfer ownership of your ADT account, you can continue to have your equipment stay in the house with the new tenants, and ADT will upgrade you to a whole new system in your new home.

All you need to do is reach out and request an updated contract. This is easier both for you as an owner and for ADT as a company. Your devices’ physical relocation requires uninstalling, which can rank up the cost for ADT. Plus, it might cause a false alarm. Does ADT charge if you get a false alarm? Check out the article!

Furthermore, they will need to send technicians to move, remove devices and take out the wiring. In the process, machines can break, get lost, or malfunction. 

For ADT, it is more worth their time to install ADT in your brand new home and gain another customer by providing the new homeowners with an ADT contract!

Steps when planning to move out

When moving out, you have to call ADT within 30 days of moving to tell them about your relocation to a new home. Then, you will receive a new offer and contract for the relocation of your system.

Usually, this will include the services fees, which highly depend on the type of system, size of the new home, and contract. Nevertheless, it will cost you less than the removal and installment of your old ADT system.

Once you have the new home, the technicians can come into the house and install all new devices and update the account information. Then when they are done, you can continue to use the system in your new home.

As long as you give them a 30-day notice, they can take care of everything in a heartbeat and create a seamless process for you.

Final Thoughts

Now you know that to transfer ownership of your ADT account, you can sit back and relax. ADT has got your back. Remember to give them enough time and to watch out for cancelation fees on your contract.

For any other inquiries on this, you can reach out to ADT customer service for assistance.