How to tell if Ring Doorbell is recording

Users often question whether their doorbells are recording footage properly. Let’s go over the tale-tell signs that Ring Doorbell is recording.

The doorbell manufactured by the Ring brand is a smart doorbell that is taking over people’s front doors nationwide. If you need more information on how to install a Ring Security System, read the article. Besides functioning as a regular doorbell and alerting homeowners that someone is at your front door, it brings plenty of features to impress.

It can show how often the door was opened, record when motion is detected, alert you and send notifications via the Ring app. But the most crucial part is ensuring it is recording.

Ring Doorbells have easily identifiable signs that they are up and running correctly. For instance, the red light on the doorbell should be on. If it is, it signifies that the Ring Doorbell is recording accurately.

Furthermore, you may also check through the Ring App, which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store for Android or via the App Store for iOS devices.

Ring Doorbell

How to know if your Ring Doorbell is recording?

As mentioned previously, you check physically through the light on the camera that serves as an indicator. Or you might peak through the app to ensure the footage is being saved.

Yet, recall that you will be alerted via the app if motion is detected and the Ring Doorbell is recording an event. Furthermore, keep in mind that it will begin recording if the following trigger an event:

  • When the doorbell is rung
  • Sound is detected
  • Motion detection is triggered
  • When the doorbell is set to manual recording.

Ring Doorbell is not recording.

Most times, users have issues with the Ring Doorbell not recording it has to do with the unit being off or the internet connection being unstable and weak.

Worry not, as these are quick and straightforward issues that can be resolved. By opening the Ring app and looking at the live view mode, you can tell if the connection is not reaching your doorbell. 

If you have issues viewing the live view mode and cannot see the doorbell’s camera, you might receive error messages such as “We’re experiencing problems connecting to your Ring Doorbell” and “Live View Failed.”  

If you continue to see these messages, then you will have to check your router and the strength of your WiFi. Common issues associated with your Ring Doorbell not recording include:

  • Your phone’s internet cannot load the footage
  • The WiFi coverage is not strong enough
  • Unreliable WiFi connection
  • The internet connection is far too slow to handle the traffic needed

Below you will find a couple of ways to fix your issue. But first, check that your device is powered on and the indicating light is on. If your Ring is off, the battery might be dead, so go ahead and replace it.

You should also make sure that both your Rind device and your phone are in the same network, and you can try turning off the WiFi on your phone and switching to data.

Lastly, update your phone and app to its latest version to guarantee everything is up and running. This also includes the doorbell’s latest firmware. You can check the Ring settings to confirm the latest firmware is installed. 

Internet is up and running.

Your Ring Doorbell needs a strong and stable internet connection to work adequately and record all events. Luckily, the Ring app will show you how strong the connection is. To check, follow the steps below:

First, launch the Ring app and open My Devices, then choose your doorbell. Once there, select Device Health and scroll down to find the Signal Strenght section.

There you will find a rating showing the connection’s strength and performance. It will fall into one of the five categories, Very Good, Good, Fair, Poor, and Very Poor. 

The first three show that the connection can reach your Ring and should allow it to record properly. However, if it shows Poor or Very Poor, your connection is not working correctly or not reaching the front door.

Sometimes resetting your router or even moving it closer to your doorbell can be highly beneficial as walls, objects, and distance can affect how strong your connection is.

You might also want to invest in WiFi extenders that help the connection spread evenly throughout your home, thus making it faster and more reliable.

Internet Speed

At times it is not the distance creating these issues but the internet speed your home receives. If it is too slow to handle the devices on your network, you might need to upgrade through your internet carrier.

Keep in mind that the Ring Doorbell requires a minimum of 2Mbps download/ upload speed to function at its best. Furthermore, phones, game consoles, tablets, computers, and Smart TVs all take away from your internet speed.

To calculate your internet speed, you can use online speed checkers to see if you need to upgrade your internet speed so it can handle the oncoming traffic better.

You will figure out your download/ upload speeds when running these tests. Most times, you will need to focus on the upload speeds as the download speed tends to be enough. Try uploading videos to the cloud; it will fail if the speed is too slow.

An important consideration is peak hours. Remember that you might not be the only one in the area having this issue, as busy hours can clog the network and affect you.

This is due to many people streaming heavy content like movies and shows, playing video games, or being online. This usually occurs mainly when everyone comes home from work or later in the night.

Ring Customer Service

After attempting to fix it yourself, don’t be afraid of reaching out for help from technical support for assistance. You can allow them to remotely access your home’s system and figure out the issue for you.

Final Thoughts

It should be pretty simple to know if your Ring Doorbell is recording; just take a look through the app or the indicating light. The majority of the time that your Ring has issues, it has to do with your internet and connection issues.