How to Set Up Uniview Spot Out [ Detailed Instructions ]

There are a ton of different features in recorders today. In this article, you will learn what the “Spot Out” feature is and how to set up Spot Out feature in Uniview recorder.

Various Uniview models of recorders on the market today include and work with the “Spot Out” feature. Though the lack of the feature may not be a dealbreaker, having it can definitively benefit you.

What is the Spot Out feature in Uniview recorder?

The Spot Out feature allows users to play around with displays and see custom camera views. To do so, you will need to use a coaxial cable along with BNC connectors and hook them up to a monitor.

If done correctly, you should be able to divide the recorder between two monitors. One will show the Spot Out display, and the other will use HDMI to display the cameras.

Below you will find instructions to install the Spot Out feature in Uniview recorder correctly. Keep in mind that there are two methods that will be covered. You can use the NVR’s GUI or the web browser settings.


To enable the Spot Out feature in Uniview recorder, you will need to use your credentials to log into the system. If you do not have them set up, utilize the default username, admin, and password, 123456.

Once you log in, select the home icon in the lower left corner. Then find the main menu; you might be asked to log in as you will be changing the settings. If prompted, log in once again. When inside the main menu, head to “System” and then “Preview.”

Click the “Preview” menu.

If, for any reason, your recorder is acting up, learn how to factory reset Uniview NVR in the article. Now select HDMI (or VGA). Then choose the display you want, and feel free to play around with it. Just remember to save and apply any changes.

Web Browser Settings

When attempting to enable the Spot Out feature in Uniview recorder via a web browser, you should use Internet Explorer (I.E.) or Microsoft Edge in Explorer mode. Click. To access the interface, start by inserting your IP address on the address bar and click the I.E. Mode. 

Internet Explorer might prompt you to install web plugins, do so now by clicking “run.” After you run all of them, then restart your browser. Once all has been set and installed, you can open the browser to continue the process.

Log in to the interface, and choose “Setup” to get started.

Inside the Setup menu, find and select “Preview Sub-Menu,” as pictured below.

Now choose “Video Output” and click on your monitor; in this case, it should be HDMI2/VGA. Remember that this is connecting a second monitor and will not be your main monitor.

Lastly, configure the channels and select your preferred display to enable the Spot Out feature in Uniview recorder. Play around and try setting various channel displays and sequences!

Final Thoughts

Now you know two ways to enable the Spot Out feature in Uniview recorder. Using this feature, you can dictate what your display shows and divide your recorder into two separate monitors.

It’s important to note that connecting a mouse to your recorder will only work on the main monitor connected via HDMI.