How to reset Arlo camera (Different models)

Technology only works how we want it to sometimes. Thus, once in a while, you might have to do something about it. In this article, you will learn how to factory reset the Arlo camera.

Arlo devices, such as the Arlo Doorbell and cameras, can be a great addition to your security system. With great features at an affordable price point, who wouldn’t enjoy having one?

Regardless of how great a product is, it often must be cared for and maintained by users to work properly. This includes resetting, cleaning, and troubleshooting the device when needed.

The process of resetting should take little time to perform; you should be done in around five to ten minutes. It is straightforward and mostly self-explanatory steps.

Prior to starting, get familiar with your device. You will need to know where the reset button is located and the LED light indicator, as they are crucial for the reset process.

What is a factory reset?

If you decide to factory reset the Arlo camera, it is like you are reverting it to the same state it was in when you first bought it. Therefore, it will act as if it is brand new.

What does that mean? Well, all the settings will be erased, along with the footage. You will need to log into the app and add and pair your camera again.

Note that the instructions below work for most Arlo devices the same way. Though they might be different, the concept is still the same regardless.

Below you will find various ways to factory reset the Arlo camera and other devices, including the Arlo chime, Q camera, doorbell, and others. To make things easier, the list of device reset instructions will be in alphabetical order. 

Arlo Base station/ SmartHub

To reset your Arlo Base Station, also known as the SmartHub, you will need something such as a paperclip or toothpick. Try to avoid using very pointy objects, such as the tip of a knife or box cutter, as it might damage your device. 

Find your Base Station’s reset button in the back of the device, insert the paperclip or other object inside the hole, and remove it after 15 seconds.

You should see an amber/yellow-orange LED indicating lights found in the front of the SmartHub. Once you see it, you should wait as your device reboots itself. 

Launch and log into the app, and make sure you remove your Base Station/ SmartHub from your account, as you will need to add it in again. To do this, enter “Settings” and click on “My Devices.” Then “Remove Device” to get rid of it.

Now you can add your device back by clicking “Add New Device” on the Device page of the Arlo app. Make sure you select the correct type of device, in this case, “Base Station/Hub.”

Follow all the instructions that will show on your screen to finish connecting your device to your Arlo account.

Arlo Bridge

The Arlo Bridge resets automatically after being removed from your Arlo account. Once it is done resetting, you will see the amber light blink. 

To reset the bridge while you are in the process of setting it up, you will need to unplug and plug the Arlo Bridge into the outlet. A pu7rple light should appear.

Once the light shows up, hold down the Sync button; after 15 seconds, the amber light should appear, then release the button. The amber light will begin to blink; this means the factory reset has finished.

Arlo Camera

There are two ways to successfully factory reset the Arlo camera: the Sync button and your Arlo account. Let’s take a look at both.

Sync Button

If your camera runs out of battery or is offline and cannot connect to the internet, then you should try this method. Start by removing the camera from their housing so you can have access to said Sync button.

factory reset the Arlo camera

You don’t need to remove the housing for certain types of Arlo cameras, as the Sync button is on the housing itself. So inspect the camera prior to doing anything.

Now that you have found the button, you should hold it down for around 15 seconds. If you hold the button down for too long, it will not work! Thus, if it does not work, let go and try again.

The LED indicating lights should be blinking blue at this point. Once it does, let go and wait for the process to finish. Some cameras might also blink amber thrice a row to indicate that the factory setting has started. Either way, you will need to add the device back to your account.

Factory reset the Arlo camera via account.

This works best when the camera has a connection to a cloud. To start, open and sign into your Arlo account via the app. Once there, head to “Settings” and under “My Devices,” find the camera you need to reset.

Once you are ready, choose “Remove Device” and confirm you want to remove it completely from your account.

Adding Camera to Account

Regardless of how you factory reset the Arlo camera, you need to add it back into your account through the Arlo App. Start by launching the app and opening the settings.

On the devices page, you should see “Add new device,” choose it and select your camera model. Then follow the app’s instructions to reconnect your camera to your network and to the other Arlo devices, such as the SmartHub.

Arlo Chime/ Chime 2

Before you factory reset the Arlo Chime or Chime 2, know that it needs to be connected to an outlet during the entirety of the reset process so it can work correctly.

factory reset the Arlo camera

While connected to an outlet, turn on your Arlo device, then hold down the Sync button until the LED flashes, which is around 10 seconds. Now release the button and wait for the device to reset.

To add the camera back after factory resetting the Arlo camera chime, open the app and find the settings page. There, you should remove the devices prior to adding them to the app again. 

To add them back, return to the devices page and select “Add new devices,” followed by “Doorbells & Chimes.” Lastly, select the “Chimes” option and follow the instructions to add the Arlo Chime device back into your app.

Arlo Essential Indoor Camera

To factory reset the Arlo camera indoor version, you will need to have access to the app; also, make sure that the camera is powered and connected to WiFi. Once inside, open the “Device Settings” page and find the device you want to reset, then select “Remove Device.”

Now, locate the “Sync” button found on the camera, and press it down for around 15 seconds or so. A flashing blue light should appear while you are pressing the button, then let go.

Step back and wait for the camera to reset, then launch the Arlo app and add the camera as it if was brand new. Begin by going to the Devices page and opening the “Add New Devices” option.

There you will need to follow along step-by-step to connect your camera to the app once again. You will most likely have to sync up your WiFi to the camera as well, so have the password ready!

Arlo Essential Video Doorbell

Whether the Arlo Essential Video Doorbell is online or offline, there is a way to reset it. Regardless of how you reset it, you’ll use the same technique to reconnect the doorbell. Let’s take a look at both methods below:

Offline Reset

To reset your doorbell when it is not connected, you will need to grab a paperclip or release pin. Use it to gently push the button that is found on the back of the doorbell. Hold it down for 15 seconds. Once the reset process begins, you should see the LED lights around the doorbell’s button illuminate and flash a white light.

Is your Arlo Video Doorbell Chime not working? Check out the article to learn how to troubleshoot it!

Online Reset

Open the Arlo app on your mobile and find “Settings.” Now, find “My Devices” and look for your Arlo Doorbell. Finally, click “Remove Device” to get rid of the camera.


To add the camera back into the app, open it up and enter the “Devices” screen. Then click on “Add Devices” followed by “Doorbells and Chimes.” Look for your particular device, in this case, the Arlo Essential Video Doorbell.

You might see two options, wired or Wire-free; choose the model you own. Then continue following the app’s instructions on how to add your camera and connect it.

Arlo Go

The Arlo Go factory reset is a bit different than most Arlo devices. Because Arlo Go has an Arlo prepaid mobile service, removing it from the account or resetting the camera will forfeit your month’s prepaid cost for that particular billing period.

If, on the other hand, you are using a separate, third-party service provider, including T-Mobile, Verizon, and AT&T, then there should be no interference with your bill.

To reset the Arlo Go, removing it and adding it back to your account is the best way to get it done. You might have to scan a QR code if the camera does not use a cloud connection or isn’t covered by a network.

factory reset the Arlo camera

Non-Cloud Connected Reset

Locate the Sync button, found at the very top of the camera, and hold it down. A slight clicking sound should be heard. Now, use your phone to scan the QR code.

To do this effectively, point your camera towards the QR code at a distance of 4-8 inches. Once it scans, you will hear a chime. Wait as the camera resets and enters factory default mode.

Cloud Connected Reset

Use the Arlo app or official website to open your account. Head into “Settings” followed by “My Devices,” there, you should see the device you want to reset. Once you find your Arlo Go camera and select “Remove Device,” the camera will reset to its original settings.

Arlo Q / Q Plus

Last but not least, to factory reset the Arlo camera, Arlo Q or Arlo Q+ model, you will need the help of a paperclip or a small object. Be careful and use an object with a dull point to avoid causing damage.

Use said object to hold down the reset button found on the camera for approximately 15 seconds or until you see an indicating LED light flashing amber.

factory reset the Arlo camera

Afterward, the light should appear a solid amber color and begin flashing once it is ready to be set up and connected. You must also remove the camera directly from the Arlo app.

To do so, open up the app and locate the devices list, find your device, and “Remove Device.” Then run through the setup process again to add the device to the app.

The factory reset will not remove the camera from the Arlo app. You must manually remove the app (from the Device list) and then reinstall the camera.

Final Thoughts

Now you know how to factory reset the Arlo camera, along with other devices you might own. Though it might seem simple, sometimes, this straightforward method of resetting can actually fix and resolve major issues.

So, next time your Arlo device, whether it is a camera, chime, or the Smart Hub, is not working properly, make sure to reset it so it can return to normal once again!