Arlo Video Doorbell Chime Not Working (Solved)

Ding dong! Someone is at the front door. How would you know that? You have an Arlo doorbell, of course. This article will cover what to do if your Arlo Video Doorbell Chime is Not Working.

Having an Arlo Video Doorbell is a great device to protect and alert you of who is at your front door. Whether day or night, it can record fantastic quality video and has various smart functions.

Motion detection, IR lights, push notifications, and numerous other functions and attributes that make the Arlo Video Doorbell a significant investment.

Nevertheless, it will not always function perfectly. If your Arlo Video Doorbell Chime is Not Working, you can use the troubleshooting tips below to fix it as quickly as possible.

Why your Arlo Video Doorbell Chime is Not Working

There are a couple of factors that play a role in your Arlo doorbell seizing to work. This can include issues with the temperature in your area, improper settings, and even wrongful installation procedures. 

Nevertheless, it should not take away from the incredible gadget that the Arlo Doorbell truly is. Over the years, it has proven itself to be reliable and a fan favorite, all at an affordable price point.

Fixing it should genuinely be no big issue. If your Arlo Video Doorbell Chime is Not Working, try the following tactics before contacting the company for support. These are likely to fix your issue quickly and will only take a few minutes.


If you live anywhere as tropical or hot as Florida, Texas, or California, for example, you might be experiencing a heat wave. Heat can cause your doorbell’s temperature to rise drastically, thus making the internal temperature too hot to operate. 

Unfortunately, this may cause your doorbell to stop working for a certain amount of time, and in extreme cases, stop working overall. But if your Arlo Video Doorbell Chime is Not Working, and it’s too hot outside, you might have found your culprit.

Under temperature settings in the Arlo app, you can find out if the temperature is too high. Unfortunately, if it is, your Arlo device will be too busy cooling itself down rather than accomplishing its primary function.

Be aware that humidity, snow, rain, and ice can also damage your camera, especially if they make their way into the internal part of it. Thus, keeping your camera under a roof is always essential to prevent direct rain, snow, or weathering overall.

But if this is not something that could be happening to your camera, maybe you live in a colder place, then check out the other issues that might be affecting your device below.

Settings Mistakes

We are all only human. Well, mistakes are bound to happen. If you did not set up the correct settings for your Arlo app, it might just not work correctly as it was meant to.

For instance, in settings, you should take a look under the “Traditional Chime” configuration, as it should be set to “none.” While you are there, take a look around and check if your doorbell is set to “silent mode.” If it is, that’s the reason it is not chiming.

Wrong Installation

The connecting and installing process of the Arlo video doorbell is a lengthy one. Thus, there are bound to be mistakes and errors along the way. Therefore it is essential to note that if you are installing a wired Arlo doorbell, there must be an existing doorbell there.

Replacing an old doorbell with a new one does not ensure that it will work properly. Factors such as wiring and power play a huge role in that. Furthermore, if the power kit is wired incorrectly, then the functions of the camera will be rendered useless, and the doorbell will not sound. 

Moreover, if either the power does not work in the previous installation and wiring or the chime is not functional, your wired Arlo doorbell will not work properly.

Compatible Chime

On the same topic, having a chime box that is not compatible will cause the same issue. You will have to check that your Arlo Video Doorbell works correctly with the chime box installed in your home.

If it does not, the chime will not ring, and you will be unaware that there are people at your front door. You should probably do this prior to purchasing your Arlo doorbell. However, if you already have one, check the following.

First off, if you own a wired chime box, it should use around 16-24 V AC. The Arlo system does not work with any other voltages. Furthermore, if your chime uses only batteries, then Arlo won’t be able to connect with it either. 

Tech Support

If you have tried all of the above and are still struggling to make your doorbell work, then it might be time to get the big guns out. Asking the Arlo tech team for help can be an excellent way to fix your camera.

If they are unable to fix it, they will usually send you a new one if you still have a warranty. Or they might just offer you a refund for it. Either way, you get your camera fixed, a refund, or your money back.

Final Thoughts 

There are various reasons why your Arlo Video Doorbell Chime is not working. But overall, it can either be fixed by you, or you might have to reach out to customer support.

Technology is prone to having its problems, but it is all worth it for the safety and security that the Arlo doorbell brings to you and your family. And with its price point, it should be on everyone’s Christmas list this year. For any more help on Arlo devices, check out our other articles.