How to protect security camera wires

In today's world, cameras have become popular both in the residential and business area. However, your camera is not all that you must keep safe. So let's look into different ways you can protect security camera wires.

How to Protect Security Camera Wires

With the right installation, your wired camera should last you years, if you protect it correctly. They can provide evidence in case of any crimes, and can be useful for everyday things.

However, installation is critical. Without proper installation of your camera, there could damage that is sure to cost you to repair.

Therefore, just invest in some features to protect security camera wires, instead of paying double to fix it later on! Apart from saving you money, it might also keep your camera out of trouble.

Crawl through the walls

When someone is attempting to mess with your camera, the first thing they are going to do is cut or damage your wires. Because if there is no wire, there is no footage.

Placing the camera's wires inside the walls can minimize exposure to the outside, therefore keeping it from being damaged. However, keep in mind you might need to hire a professional to get the job done correctly.

Hiring a professional is the best way to get the job done. This is due to the damage you can cause in your walls when attempting to do it yourself.

There are pipes, rods, woods, and much more inside of your wall. Meaning having someone knowledgeable in the field can end up costing you less than fixing all the damage you can cause!

Professional installers can also work with you when installing in other environments. Whether it is your roof, tree, basement. You name it!

Blending in

Protect Security Camera Wires

When in need to disappear, many animals utilize camouflage to hide and keep away from predators. So let's camouflage your cables in order to protect security camera wires.

There are a couple choices you can make when it comes to hiding your cables. For instance, you can start by painting it the color of your walls.

Or you can acquire wire holders that can stick to your wall and be cut to your needs. These are quick and easy to install. As well as pretty affordable and accessible.

Keeping your wires stored in these holders can protect them against plenty of things, such as weather. Even nosy animals can end up cutting your cables and causing your cameras to stop working until the wires are replaced.

Strong wires

When trying to protect security camera wires, it is not just about the precautions you take. But also about the type of wires you are utilizing.

Some wires are easily cut. And while that can come in handy when it comes to quickly installing everything, it can also be easy to be cut by animals or thieves.

Investing in the right and reliable type of wires can keep you in the safe. Not only will they be less susceptible to animals, but harder to damage.

Slash and cut resistant wires are great to invest in, though they might have a higher price range than a regular wire. However, a more reliable cable adds to your security system to make it even stronger.

Using wireless surveillance cameras

Arlo Wireless Security Camera

If you do not want to deal with wires, you can choose to purchase a wireless camera. They have recently gained much popularity when it comes to households all around the world.

With many included features, they can surely solve your problem. Though they are not perfect and can also be stopped, it is less likely to cause damage.

This is because wired cameras can be disabled by cutting cables. But wireless cameras, on the other hand, can be jammed, which keeps them from transmitting signals, therefore stopping them from storing footage.

Furthermore, they are not powered through multiple cables. In most wireless cameras found today, they only have one power source cable or none at all.

Mainly due to wireless cameras now being powered by batteries or even solar energy. This makes them very convenient to the buyer as it can be charged every so often and will run for months before needing another charge.

The bottom line

To protect security camera wires, you might choose to not have it at all as it can end up compromising your security system. But using the hacks above can allow you to have cameras while keeping them safe.

At the end of the day, protecting your CCTV camera's wires is just as important as protecting the camera itself. Damages to wires can end up causing more trouble than expected.

Mainly due to the countless ways wires can be destroyed by nature and even you. Keep in mind that running cables through your home doesn't come very cheap.

What is your preferred way to protect security camera wires? Let us know down below! And don't forget to share the article.